A psychic reading is a powerful tool that can help you understand not only your present situation, but can also give you insight into your past as well as your future. Psychic readings can be done in various forms. There are many types of psychic readings available, and here are the common ones:

Aura or Energy Reading

This form of psychic reading requires a psychic to observe your aura and interpret it. An aura can be considered as our spiritual signature. By observing this, a psychic will be able to discover lots of things about you, including your personality and your problems. From this, they will be able to guide and steer you to follow the right path.


Psychic reading in the form of psychometry makes use of personal objects. This object should be connected with you to a great degree, this can be a piece of jewelry or something that you always wear or carry with you. Strong emotions are stored in these objects, and the psychic can pick up these emotions when he/she is holding the object. The psychic can pick up any information, a feeling, or a location. By doing this, your psychic will be able to analyze and understand you better, and he/she can impart this knowledge to you.

Tarot Reading

One of the most popular types of psychic reading is tarot card reading. With a deck of cards, you can ask your psychic a variety of questions concerning every facet of your life. But, first you will be asked to shuffle the cards. Your questions can pertain to your love life, finances, your career, family, and many more. As much as the tarot can give you insight into your present situation, the tarot can also be possibly used to predict future events.


With numerology, a psychic reading is composed of numbers and their interpretations. These numbers can come form your birth date. The day that you were born plays a significant role in determining your personality as well as your life cycle or pattern that your life follows. This type of psychic reading also makes use of numbers assigned to the letters of your name, which can also tell you about your personality and possible future events in your life.

Palm Reading

Palmistry as a form of psychic reading, makes use of the palm of your hand and all its creases, lines, mounts, and bumps. Every little detail on your palm will be studied, including the shape of your hand, the length of the lines, and many more. Your palm contains a lot of information about you, and can also possibly tell you about your future.

Rune Reading

Casting runes or stones with special runic characters on it is a psychic reading that has been present for a very long time. Each runic character has a special meaning, and the way that these characters are casted can help you discern the future.

Psychic Reading Done By A Psychic Medium

Considered to be the most accurate type of psychic reading available, psychic mediums get their information that they tell you from the highest spiritual source. What is a psychic medium? A psychic medium is someone who is able to connect with the spirit world, including the angels. A psychic reading performed by a psychic medium won’t need to include additional tools such as those mentioned above. It can also be done anywhere, over the phone, through email, or through any other ways that you can think of. With this type of reading, you won’t need to be physically present to the psychic.

As there is more than one type of psychic reading, you have to be able to choose from what type your psychic reading will come from. Your psychic can have more than one specialty, so, you should also know where they’re best at. Know that the purpose of a psychic reading is to help you gain insight into your life, and how you can use this information to live your life to the fullest.

Psychic Tana Hoy has been giving psychic readings for as long as he can remember. He has used his psychic insight to guide many people throughout is life.