By Molly Hall |

Moving Intelligences

Gemini and Sagittarius are the local sprite and wandering sage of the Zodiac, respectively.  Gemini is alert to the near happenings, taking mental notes at all times.  Sagittarius scans for the big picture, and is preoccupied with the future and distant aims.

Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites on the Zodiac wheel, also known as a polarity.  They are similar, both being mutable signs that are mentally agile — Gemini and Sagittarius are known as intelligence in motion.

What makes them a duo?  A polarity is a unique current of opposites, that can be experienced as extremes.  But there’s also an easy collaborative play between the two, making them natural partners.

Besides having in common being mutable (changeable), both are positive (masculine) signs, meaning they’re yang, socially outgoing, active.  Their designation as positive comes from their elements — Air (Gemini) and Fire (Sagittarius).

Yang elements Air and Fire are a match in that they play off each other well.  Look at a fire, the way the flames are whipped higher by wind or by blowing on it.  The ideas of air signs are animated by fire’s enthusiasm and readiness to act.  And the inspiration of fire signs gets support from air’s flow of mind food for stimulation.

Everyday Mind and Sweeping Visions

One way to look at this polarity is that Gemini is preoccupied with the currents of the moment.  That makes mercurial Gemini a bright commentator of events as they’re happening.  Gemini is the witness to moment, who then quickly finds ways to express that in words, symbols or music.

Sagittarius on the other hand seeks to imagine on a broad canvas, and is more apt to ponder universal themes.  The Archer becomes fired up about a vision with an almost religious fervor.

It’s a trap to see Sagittarius as the more advanced of the two, because of its further progression on the Zodiac.  Both have strengths that the other benefits from, especially when taken to either extreme.

Gemini for example, is less attached to information, and quicker to rearrange the parts, with the influx of the new.  In times like ours, with access to so much raw material for the mind, Gemini keeps a loose hold, taking what it likes and leaving the rest.

Mercury rules Gemini and with it, we see the wisdom of the trickster, who juggles the parts of life playfully, and sees the game in it.  Gemini is said to seek knowledge for its own sake, not for some goal.  When Sagittarius is too wed to its aim, the fluency of Gemini and its openness to the new flow helps the Archer “stay current.”

In contrast, the ultimate challenge for Gemini is to find some kind of channel or aim, for all that brilliance.  An example of a Gemini extreme is an aspiring novelist who spends years doing research, never settling down to bring it together into a cohesive form.  There’s where the Sagittarius gifts of sensing the narrative through line or arc of the story comes in to the rescue.

In day-to-day life, this plays out with how we “know what we know.”  And how willing we are to update our perception, and to see from many angles.

This comes from Astrodienst, with Clare Martin writing on the Gemini/Sagittarius Axis:

“The poles of this axis complete and complement each other. If the Gemini end loses touch with the bigger picture, with the value or purpose of the information it is gathering, then everything can become trivial, superficial and meaningless, even to the point of nihilism. If, on the other hand, Sagittarius loses touch with Gemini, the sense of having privileged access to the one truth can lead to arrogance and fundamentalism, cut off from the detachment and relative truths of Gemini.”

So Gemini and Sagittarius both gain from peering across at the other, and reflecting on harmonizing with or growing toward the other.  There are times when a strong guiding vision is needed to grow.  And other times when what’s needed most is to come back to the moment, and be changed — and rearranged — by the fresh currents.