By Lucinda Tinsley

I have been reading a very insightful book by Raymond Holliwell entitled ‘Working with the Law’. This book, explains very simply the universal laws which we need to learn and understand before we can adjust our mindset to these enlightening concepts. The Laws of the Universe are the keys to successful living.

The Age of Aquarius

These laws govern and control our universe and operate from a higher level, which may seem strange from our worm’s eye earthly view. We are now living in the Age of Aquarius, which is more a mental and scientific age; compared with the Pisces age that was built more on emotions and faith. We are at the beginning of this new age and the more we grow into it, the more these laws will make sense. We are beginning to realize that we live in a sea of energy waves. Learning to understand about energy so we can begin to use it successfully is one aspect of this Aquarian Age.

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius

Astrology is very much part of the Aquarian age as it shows energy patterns and expands our awareness from personal to universal consciousness. We are all connected in a web of diverse energies. Understanding your Birth Chart is not about predicting the future, but a tool for working with our individual life pattern. The Birth chart is a picture of the seed of our being which was planted at birth. It unfolds through the movement of life which is described by progressions and transits. Life is forever moving and changing and we are part of life’s ever evolving cycle.

The Universal Laws are our Foundation

Life is created in the mind and this should be our foundation. Understanding and learning to integrate these laws into my own mindset is now my personal task. This I see as part of my present evolutionary journey, which I know is the same for many of you. I believe these are right for our time and if we work with them they will not only provide greater security but allow our own uniqueness to flourish. The main thing to remember is it needs daily effort to use the knowledge of these laws. It is, to put it another way, working daily from self-awareness. It is reflecting and realizing what your mindset has indeed created. This is an inward journey and one you will, if you pursue and persist with, see very clearly the root of most of your challenges. Your beliefs, perspectives and conditioning all come under the phrase ‘Mindset’. Working consciously with these laws will bring harmony, success and self-fulfilment into your life. You will need courage to break through established boundaries and old paradigms, but knowing and understanding these laws will help you.

We are mere babes in learning to use the power of our minds. This is something the Age of Aquarius will teach us to do. This book is a good starting point as it explains these laws clearly and to me they make practical sense. After all the most important knowledge is that which guides the way we lead our life.

Discover the true value of your birth chart as it gives guidance to your life. In revealing its secrets it reveals great insights into yourself and your life. With a Psychology approach to Astrology, Lucinda helps you to understand your Birth chart. This will give you greater perspective and bring clarity to your present situation, as well as guidance for your future.

From Lucinda Tinsley, Birth Chart Astrologer

Lucinda Tinsley is an Astrologer who combinds Astrology with Psychology. She uses the birth chart as a tool towards self-awareness and deveolopment, in guidance towards a persons true individuality, purpose and direction in life. It was through Astrology that her own journey of self-disvovery began where it opened up her world and her mind. After gaining a diploma in Astrology/Psychology and at last finding her passion which created a greater meaning to her life, she now uses her knowledge to help others to understand themselves and their life more fully with the tool of their own birth chart. She promotes natal chart astrology as being uniquely personal, where the awareness of inner challenges and potential helps the individual to change, take charge and direct their life more positively and successfully. She runs a local astrology goup in Southport and the bookshop for Astrological Psychology Assocation. Astrology also led her to Theosophy and Qabalah to which she has become a keen student of Spiritual and higher knowledge.