The Zodiac Month Ahead Pioneering Power

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies, 20 March to 19 April.

A Meditation for Aries

“Aries is a sign of male power, and it pushes one forward into positions of power through the pioneering of new fields and purposes; here do we find the quality of the initiative. No success will be assured, however, in the new ventures unless one has gained definition and direction, for this sign lacks the power of coherence. Equilibrium is the essential element that the person must perforce seek if her would evolve effectively. The forces of Aries are fiery and fast, but unless they are balanced by the influences of the other signs, they are devoid of coherence and lacking in definite plan and purpose, thus leading the negative souls in this sign into a high degree of error, inaccuracy, or gross exaggeration. The most evident trait of Aries is tense activity, fired by ambitious, projective energy which must take command and be at the head, for Aries cannot follow, it can only lead.” ~John Jocelyn

Sun enters Aries 20 March

With Uranus and Mars already neck and neck within The Ram, our guiding light of the Sun moves forward into Aries. Aries is force that asks innately to be first- for they naturally know the fundamentals of any initiation and how to take an uncomplicated approach to what needs to be begun. As beginnings are easy to start, these take work actually finish their task. The collective energy as Spring bursts this year is backed by unexpected situations that are also driven by the requirement of courage verse s conflict to handle them. Vigilant and serene responses are the keys to success within our courses of action as this Zodiac Month evolves.

Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn, 12 April

Reassessments where our Transformer planet currently requests restoration and the process of slow and patient changes within the Zodiac Pie return and will continue until 20 September. While this is not an inner planet requirement for ultimate caution, this passage offers a delicate energy that will ask for our SILENT LISTEN to be responsible to it. As we still find the world seeking avenues to go back to conventional and time-honored values coupled by an increased sense of established practices for solidarity in our outlooks- the path to re-develop upon is easily found during these months of reconsideration. See where The Goat brings aspirations and endeavors to the Capricorn slice of life, as this is where you can expect to review what has occurred since September of 2012, and continue in the long-term process of a prevailing renewal here by the late summer.

Mercury enters Aries, 13 April

With his Shadow period from the recent retrograde now officially concluded, our Messenger gets a little bit of a late start to bringing the true communicative force of expressing the true pioneering energy emerging with our Spring. As we had a potent “planet party” within Pisces, now we have everyone socializing within The Ram, and with Uranus and Mars here, be ready for dynamic changes and fast action to unfold. Mercury assists with alert and clever mental capacities that always ask to go with the first thoughts first, so get those birthing ideas down immediately throughout 01 May. Methods of expression will be direct and spirited, and be sure to avoid argumentative, uncontrolled, and exaggerated reactions form the streaming of the mind. By practicing patience, concentration, and a relaxed intensity to all stirring around us, we can reap acute and inspired perceptions to serve us.

Venus enters Taurus, 15 April

Our planet of harmony takes the lead and leaves the planetary excitement within The Ram to get us more acclimated into the solidarity to come within our Springs. She’ll be happy to assist in making our collective affections strong and steadfast, with a profound need for serenity to accompany them, so be sure to literally pause to take time to smell the flower in bloom around you. Time in nature, the arts, savoring foods, and valuing our possessions are fine ways to unravel the obedient energy she can grant anyone to find sensation within. Dispositions can easily be expressed with generous, sociable, conservative, domesticated and placid activities.

May your pioneering spirit within be ready to take up in leadership, which equally allows for the balance of co-operation with the self to unfold the wondrous attraction of self-awareness and bring soulful rewards to initiate upon your Spring.

Since the young age of 7, Sharita has been a student of the planets above and all of the mysteries of our Universe. A Psychic of the Planets, she has world-wide recognition for all levels of astrological, numerological and lexigram analysis through readings, classes, lectures and party services. While residing between New York City and Chatham, NY, her first book, ‘It’s All In The Name’ is now available for purchase from Amazon, Steiner Books and various retailers. Sharita’s radio show, ‘What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number!’ is currently being archived for iTunes. For the only place to order a signed copy of ‘It’s All in the Name,’ please visit: http://www.sharitastar.com.

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