By Jill Ellen Preston

The moon in your Transits chart is what emotional energies you are feeling right now. The moon changes signs every three days. When the transiting moon is in the sign of your natal moon, you will feel more emotional and creative. Use the energy wisely. You can obtain a Lunar Return Report to obtain the exact days the moon returns to your natal position every month. Great tool for creative endeavors!

Moon in Sign/House – How I feel…

Moon in Aries or 1st House: I feel my appearance and how I am perceived in the world is important to me. I feel causes are important and taking action. I feel best when I am taking action. Sitting still is not easy for me. (Moon Face)

Moon in Taurus or 2nd House: I feel money and material possessions are important to me for sure. I want nice things and I love money! I feel best when I am spending money or accumulating money or possessions. I love beautiful places and sensuality! I love sweets and sugary things! (Money Moon)

Moon in Gemini or 3rd House: I feel the need to communicate, write, speak, talk, sell, teach and get my feelings out. I feel better when I communicate! I love automobiles! (Talking Moon)

Moon in Cancer or 4th House: I feel the need to be nurtured, be at home, having a nurturing home, have a family and family is very important to me. I love my family! I especially love my mom! (Home Moon)

Moon in Leo or 5th house: I feel best when I am with children, having fun, being creative or expressing myself. I also love romance! (Kid like-Creative Moon)

Moon in Virgo or 6th house: I feel best when I am of SERVICE, when my health and work life are harmonious and my small pets are very important to me. (Service Moon)

Moon in Libra or 7th house: I feel best when I am out in the public, in a relationship with partner, when I look beautiful, when I am married, or having 1:1 relationships. Diplomacy is important and fairness is key! (Relationship Moon)

Moon in Scorpio or 8th house: I feel best when I am POWERFUL, being transformed, intense, having sex or being secretive and not telling you my deepest secrets I keep inside. (Powerful Moon)

Moon in Sagittarius or 9th house: I feel best when I am publishing, writing, traveling to foreign countries, am positive and inspiring. I love horses! (Publishing /Inspiring Moon)

Moon in Capricorn or 10th house: I feel best when I am working at being an authority in the world, and my career is very important to me! Practicality is important to me and self discipline is key! (Career Moon)

Moon in Aquarius or 11th house: I feel best when I am inventing new unique things in the world, when I can express my uniqueness and independence and with friends and groups. I love technology of all kinds! I love thinking outside of the box! I like to rebel at times. (Unique Moon).

Moon in Pisces or 12th house: I feel best when I am singing, playing my music, listening to music, expressing myself, sleeping, healing others, painting and artistry and in my own world of creation. I also can love addictive substances, so have to be careful not to get too swept away in dreamland. I love doing things in secret also. (Healing/Creating Moon).

Knowing your natal moon is just as important as knowing your Sun sign, rising sign and key houses, so find out what your natal moon is trying to tell you.

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