By Jill Ellen Preston

Imagine, you were not provided any guidance in your life at all, especially in your early years. You might feel like a lost soul. Astrology is a tool that can help guide you. In the same way former Presidents Ronald Regan and Teddy Roosevelt, Carl Jung and many others used Astrology as a tool, anybody can use Astrology for guidance. It is like the parents you never had, because where the planets were the day and time you were born, is only unique to you. I can’t think of anything or any other tool in the world that provides this insight. Mark Twain said” the most important day in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why”. Even if you came from a family that guided you, astrology can guide you further, by simply knowing/reviewing your chart, you can determine your gifts and talents. Sometimes people are not using their talents. Astrology brings forward those talents. What if you are gifted with musical, creative, healing talents but you are a manager in corporate America and hate it! Why do you think you hate it? Probably because you are not living your chart. When you know your natal astrology chart, you can determine what gifts and talents you were born with. Then decide for yourself your belief about Astrology.

My only regret about Astrology and why I am passionate about this topic, is I wish my mother would have used it when I was younger, as I probably would never have stopped figure skating. All my coaches thought I could be an Olympic champion. That is pretty mind blowing to hear as a child at the age of 6 or 7… if my mom would have looked at my natal astrology chart and saw I had Mars in Pisces in my 6th house, which means I had energy to be a figure skater, maybe I would not of thrown in the towel in my early teen years. Same goes for modeling school, it is in my chart also with Mars/Pisces in the 6th and Neptune in my first. Looking back, I see how figure skating was in my chart all along. Once my mother got into Astrology when I was more mature, she did encourage me to get into Pharmaceutical sales, because Mars in Pisces also rules the drug industry. The beauty and accuracy of astrology amazes me every day! I can look at a chart numerous times and always find something interesting to ponder.

I wish everyone was taught their chart in school, so they know what they might be dreaming of is probably in their chart somewhere. One of my goals is to encourage parents to get their kids charts done shortly after their children are born so they know how to work with them and guide them. For example, if you have a Gemini child, believe me encouraging communications, reading, talking will be very important early. The truth is every child is born with many gifts and talents and I believe every parent owes it to their children to know what gifts and talents are in their charts.

Also, I am pretty sure if my mom knew she had a Venus ruled daughter, born with my Sun in Taurus and Libra ascendant, it would not have surprised her how concerned I was with my clothing as a young girl wearing beautiful clothes and shoes. One day I was misbehaving and my parents put me in the shower with my beautiful white dress and pretty (I pronounced it pretty) shoes, and yelled “My pretty shoes”! I think my beloved mother realized how important Venus was to me as I matured.

If you need guidance in your life, consider knowing your Astrology chart. You just might be glad you invested in yourself. Knowing your natal astrology chart could provide insight and understanding to you. To learn more, visit