By Danny Fredricks

Want to know the very best way to tell if you are meant to be together? Take a karmic compatibility test.

The truth is, most people have absolutely NO idea what the idea of karma, as it pertains to soul-mates and spiritual partnerships is, or how it works… but once you DO, it can transform the way you look at your relationships forever.

How the idea of spiritual law and karmic connections work?

It’s the notion that we are ALL spiritual beings having a very human experience. And that we are here to learn, love, grow and evolve in every aspect of our lives… and that the lessons we take from THIS human incarnation we bring with us to the world of spirit or energy. And that our relationships, and our interactions with those that we love, are the BIGGEST part of that learning process.

For example –

You may have a small soul group of 5-12 people who are in your life, right now… to serve a much bigger purpose than you realize.

You are spiritually “compatible” with each of those individual souls.

Some psychics, astrologers and karmic “cleansers” believe that you CHOOSE each of those relationships before this life begins.

In essence, you make a karmic contract with each person in your life to learn certain lessons, to grow in certain ways, and to experience certain things together.

Once you look at life this way, and those you love… it forever transforms how you see both yourself, and the relationships you have with those who are most important as well.

For example –

A boyfriend who may be verbally abusive to you, may be here to TEACH you to stand up for yourself… or, to teach you how to forgive. Or, depending on your unique karma with that person, it may be to teach you what it feels like to be spoken to in a way that hurts. (As in a past life, or other realm… YOU may have been the one that was abusive).

It really is SUPER simple to understand.

And when you look at life through the prism and perspective of karmic connections… everything starts to take on a different sheen. You understand that every interaction has meaning and is not personal. It’s about learning, growing, healing and helping one another evolve.

That homeless person has a lesson to teach you. He (or she) is also learning something very important at the very same time. Something that is bigger, bolder and much more important than the temporary state of being homeless. It’s up to each of us to recognize it, to wake up to the TRUE nature of the universe… and then to do something about what we learn to help humanity!