By Molly Hall |

What Moves You?


The 2015 Virgo Full Moon is on March 5th and is at 15 degrees along the Virgo-Pisces line.  The luminaries peak in the most devoted Zodiac signs, for a surge of soul force.  What are you moved by?

Virgo heightens the instinct for purifying and refining.

Where does this Virgo degree fall in your birth chart?  Each of the twelve astrological Houses is associated with a life sphere.  You can DIY your horoscope by noting where the Full Moon hits your natal chart, and muse on what’s up.

The Full Moon is synonymous with illumination, a surge of feelings and action.  Sometimes the action is a natural outgrowth of what was seeded at the New Moon.

Full Moon Forecast by House

Virgo Full Moon in the First House: (House of Aries and Mars)  Your instinct for well-being is your calling card.  Take steps to live up to your own standards of wholesomeness.  Is it time for a purification?  Purge “dirty” clothes and habits.  Initiate a new course, one that builds on your traits of conscientiousness and adaptability.  Virgo  Moonbeams:  a new look, leaps of faith, embodying courage, creative confidence.

Virgo Full Moon in the Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus)  Time to take out the trash and weed your garden (symbolically or literally).  Take steps to set in a new routine — one that’s building on your natural talents and values.  Work with your hands.  Invest in what makes commonsense, and is in sync with your conscience.  Virgo Moonbeams:  Surviving and thriving.  Blooming where planted.  The restorative rhythms — and beauty — of nature.

Virgo Full Moon in the Third House: (House of Gemini and Mercury)  Start a how-to blog or website, or craft a local workshop — in other words, share what you know.  A social Moon geared to a shared purpose, like volunteering.  Great for editing and seeing areas for improvement.  Short trips favored, especially if they’re to restore your balance.    Virgo Moonbeams:  Flirtations in passing.  Good news.  Sending and receiving cheerful messages.

Virgo Full Moon in the Fourth House: (House of Cancer and the Moon)  Time for a thorough top to bottom cleaning frenzy.  The inspiration hits to rearrange and organize at home.  Research missions possible, to do with family history. Virgo Moonbeams:  Feng shui.  Children.  Crafts and family rituals or recipes that take you home.

Virgo Full Moon in the Fifth House: (House of Leo and the Sun)  Honing skills that give you more freedom of expression.  Establishing a daily practice of creativity.  Planning out an adventure.  Finding love when you’re doing what you love.    Virgo Moonbeams: Making new friends through play.  Having the greatest day ever!

Virgo Full Moon in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron)  Seeking the root cause of what ails you.  Adding habits and menus that increase well-being.  Finding ways to take balance breaks at work.  Inspired ideas about how to share your gifts “in service” to something higher.   Virgo Moonbeams: detoxing, energy work, purification exercises, job epiphanies.

Virgo Full Moon in the Seventh House: (House of Libra and Venus)  Love happens organically, from the rhythm of the day.  A supportive friend shows more interest.  The satisfaction of lending help to a friend.  Surprising someone with a gift you know they really need.   Virgo Moonbeams: A surprise act of commitment. Encouragement among friends.

Virgo Full Moon in the Eighth House: (House of Scorpio and Pluto)  Deep detoxing puts you in touch with subtle (magical) energies.  Purging dirty and contaminated energies.  Cutting off energy vampires, including those that seem to mean well.  Establish your energetic sovereignty with practices and solitude.  Sexual peaks, when the pure of heart and body meet.  Virgo Moonbeams: healing crisis, death and rebirth, risking it all.

Virgo Full Moon in the Ninth House: (House of Sagittarius and Jupiter)  Time to plan “working vacations” that feel purposeful.  What’s next on your path of learning?  Gaining hands-on skills and experiential knowledge.  Illumination comes at times from the body, and its knowledge.  Virgo Moonbeams:  the difference between education and knowledge; romance abroad or at a distance; spontaneous seeking.

Virgo Full Moon in the Tenth House: (House of Capricorn and Saturn)  Sensing the actual steps to your career goals.  Considering legacy and your reputation.  Seeding your garden.  Meeting people who are making a difference, and joining your skills and time to theirs.  Celebrating the timeless and enduring.  Choosing quality over quantity.  Forgoing short-term gratification for a longer-vision and more valued goal.  Virgo Moonbeams: deep commitment to making the world a better place; creations with substance.

Virgo Full Moon in the Eleventh House: (House of Aquarius and Uranus)  A social Moon, one for exchanging useful info in a network.  Letting go of associations that feel degrading or misaligned with your values, purpose.  Articulating a vision for the future.  Virgo Moonbeams: Meditation or ritual with others, unique within a tapestry of resonant souls, stronger together.

Virgo Full Moon in the Twelfth House: (House of Pisces and Neptune)  Finding peace in a daily practice (walking, movement, yoga).  Deep solitude is ideal, for mining all the treasures of the subtle perception.  Set up a sacred spot for your daily finds (feathers, stones, sayings).       Virgo Moonbeams: Angel guides, bold signs, desire for solitude, seeing self in web of all creation.