By Danny Fredricks

What sort of psychic abilities do you have? What kind of special powers do you secretly crave… or truly posses? Do you often get a sense of things about to happen, and feel them before they do? Or maybe you have incredibly detailed, rich and vivid lucid dreams? Maybe you have a spiritual 6th sense that taps into “the other side”, giving you access to those that have lived, lost and crossed? The truth is, there are MANY, many different types of psychic abilities and some of the very easiest ones to access are those that are the most fun to experience, and explore! Curious to know a bit more? Let’s take a closer look, immediately below.

The most common type of psychic abilities that MOST people already have?

Some degree of precognition in available to everyone. The sense of things yet to happen… and then when they DO, it’s hard to explain away as a good guess or chance, simply because you KNEW in your bones that it would. (Often things that are NOT common and are hard to explain as likely or merely good guesses).

I call this ability the power to FEEL THE FUTURE, and to some degree, in my own work, most people I see can tap into it with practice.

Other common psychic powers that can be completely LIFE changing when you wake them up?

The ability to see and speak to spirits is a big one, and something that I think we all posses as well. The truth is, being able to communicate with the energy and emotions of those who have crossed over is NOT all that special or rare.

For example – some studies show that 80% of people who lose a child will have an experience where they are visited by that child, after death… in a way that CONVINCES them it was real, true and not a dream or hallucination.

These people almost NEVER believe they are psychic or have any gifts… it’s just a combination of being OPEN to the experience, and truly craving that connection, and the “universe” allowing and encouraging that connection to happen for the healing and health of all.

(Or at least that’s what I believe… and teach, I know others feel differently, but all I can speak to is my OWN experiences with spirit, and the hundreds of connections we’ve been able to facilitate as well).

What about out of body experiences, remote viewing, past life memories and that sort of thing? Does that make you psychic, or gifted as well?

I honestly believe that EVERYONE can have these sorts of experiences with a little bit of effort. the key is, to be OPEN to the idea, and to believe it’s possible. It’s amazing how much more our psychic abilities open up, accelerate and accentuate through positive reinforcement… and every spiritual or psychic adventure you have, makes that muscle a little bit stronger! (Meaning that the more you flex it… the more amazing experiences with spirit, and your OWN psychic powers you’ll have).