Six of Cups

Number: 41/6

Element: Water

Astrological Association: Sun in Scorpio

Key Meanings: Harmony, childhood, reconciliation, and old friends

The Six of Cups in Tarot stands for goodwill, caring, innocence, and childhood. The Six of Cups meaning in a Tarot reading is simple goodness. Yes, there’s a lot of violence, anger, and dishonesty in the world, but the opposite is true, too. This is what the Six of Cups represents, and it encourages you to be kind, forgiving, and generous. Lend your car to a friend or fill in for a sick co-worker. These small gestures are important.

Upright Meaning: The Six of Cups reveals happy memories and a time to recall childhood with fondness. Your children, if you have them, may help you reconnect with your own childhood, or you are able to give your inner child free rein to play and have fun without the usual burden of worries. This is a time for good things coming from the past—reunion parties, reconnecting with old friends and more distant family members, or literally going back to your roots. This card may predict a trip home or to a place with fond memories. In some way, the past returns to help you in the present, too, as conversations and reminiscing with old friends or contacts seeds a new idea or approach.

Overall, you will find the right balance in relationships and enjoy a period of peace and harmony. This Six of Cups also shows compassion and kindness, so if you have suffered poor treatment, your situation is set to improve. Sweet, happy times are ahead, and any disruptions or upsets will be soothed and remedied.

In love, an old flame comes back, and you may need to weigh up if it is worth going back to the relationship.

Reversed Meaning: When the Six of Cups is reversed, nostalgia rules, and you may recall past events with more positivity than they deserve. The card can also show you feeling locked in the past as a way to avoid moving on. A particular relationship needs to stay in the past rather than be revived. Unexpected visitors or communications may stir up old memories, and if so, let the memories rest—these people have no place in your future just now.

About the Deck: “Ciro Marchetti’s Tarot of Dreams” from