Number 2


Symbols: the Moon, two of anything.

Sign: Parallel Lines.

Positive — feminine, parental, emotional, receptive, submissive, understanding, gentle, balance.

Negative — deceitful, cruel, malicious, self-conscious.

Universal meanings: this is the Prime Feminine Number, antithesis, polarities, opposites, pairs, complements, partners. A sign of duality and change, because One can only be fulfilled through Two producing Three. The Yin, the Eternal Female. The number of T’ai Chi (a Chinese symbol which represents the motion of all things). Passivity, subordination, a desire for peace and harmony, conciliatoriness. Good/Evil. The beginning of intellect, perception and consciousness of some one/where/time/thing.

Negative/Positive. Male/Female.

Personal meanings: Twos are gentle by nature, artistic, imaginative and romantic. Their qualities are more mental than physical. They are inventive but not forceful enough when faying to carry out their ideas. Twos collect and assimilate. They were not bom to lead but to follow, co-operate and harmonize. Some are deeply intuitive and many possess occult powers. Twos are subject to changes of mood and emotion and are often hurt by unkind remarks or criticism. They like beauty and order in their lives, are good natured and kind but can be shy and rather self-conscious. Negative Twos can suffer from depression and can also be cruel, deceitful and malicious at times. They can become extremely possessive over people and objects.

When the number two is connected with future events it signifies a need for caution and means that this is not the right time to make a decision. You should wait and see what develops before making any positive actions.

In personal life Twos are devoted parents who like to provide comfortable homes for their families. They are also very careful with money as it represents security. They hardly ever overspend. They like their partners to demonstrate their love physically, and are constantly seeking reassurance and encouragement. Twos are very faithful and affectionate and must not allow their over-active imaginations to give them groundless reasons for jealousy. Twos dislike arguments and are always the first to want to kiss and make up.