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Have I Lived Before? (This May Change Your Mind)

By Danny Fredricks What is the best evidence for reincarnation? Is the idea that we have a soul that can reincarnate or transmigrate from body to body a real possibility… or is it just a whole bunch of new age nonsense and spiritual silliness that only the gullible believe? And how do I get personal PROOF that this stuff is real, rather than having...

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Why Learn About Your Past Lives? (This May Change Your Mind)

By Danny Fredricks I know that I’m a bit biased. As a past life intuitive and karma coach, I really believe that learning about past lives is the KEY to all spiritual health, wealth and authentic happiness. The truth is, in my own experience, we carry karmic “baggage” around from life time to life, reliving the same traumas, making the...

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Are Past Lives Real? (This May Change Your Mind)

By Danny Fredricks Are past lives real or simply all imagined? Is the idea that YOU have lived before… and will live again just a bunch of silly, small minded new age nonsense, or a HUGE true spiritual truth that so many of us NEVER learn until it’s too late? And if past lives ARE real, what are the implications for YOUR life? What would it...

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3 Sure Shot Signs You’ve Lived a Past Life

By Danny Fredricks Who else wants to get proof you’ve lived before? Do you have a strong sense or feeling that this is NOT the first life you’ve lived? The truth is, while there IS a lot of “new age nonsense” and spiritual silliness surrounding the idea of past lives and reincarnation, there is plenty of sound science and spiritual...

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