By Danny Fredricks

Are past lives real or simply all imagined? Is the idea that YOU have lived before… and will live again just a bunch of silly, small minded new age nonsense, or a HUGE true spiritual truth that so many of us NEVER learn until it’s too late?

And if past lives ARE real, what are the implications for YOUR life? What would it mean to know that karma, and the idea that every choice you make has some sort of lasting imprint on your destiny, and that of those around you? Would you live differently? Love differently? Or are you already living a life that stacks up well with that idea?

In this article I’m going to share a few simple truths I’ve learned over decade of past life, karmic and spiritual exploration… both as a professional intuitive and publisher, as well as having worked with, and interviewed some of the greatest spiritual practitioners, and skeptics in the world as well. Curious? Let’s take a closer look below!

The 3 BEST types of past life evidence:

Children who spontaneously remember past lives and often have incredible skills that correspond with the lives they’ve lived. (e.g. – playing a musical instrument they’ve never seen, speaking a foreign language fluently, or having intimate knowledge of a trade or profession a previous family was involved in)

Past live regression and the verifiable, validated memories these experiences can yield. The truth is, I’ve had many of my own past life regressions done (a form of hypnosis where the “target” memories pre-date this lifetime) and have watched, and read thousands of others.

Past life memories are incredibly powerful, often incredibly healing and therapeutic, BUT… have some level of controversy with regard to what it is that they prove. (e.g. – some believe they are simply coming from the deep unconscious of the patient, or the therapist, or even in some psychic way, are connected to the idea of a universal consciousness or archetypes that many psychologists believe are embedded in the world around us)

Lastly, IN BETWEEN lifetime memories are far more common than many people realize, but only very rarely spoken about or written about, and provide some of the most compelling PROOF for an afterlife that there is. (people will describe an in-between state that resembles a spiritual school and resting place, where all of your loved ones and spiritual summates are are present, and future life lessons are chosen for future incarnations)

The truth is, unless you’ve had the actual experiences, a lot of this can sound so incredibly far fetched that it sounds like nonsense. What CAN’T be debated is this:

Past life memories, when recalled in a therapeutic environment (with a spiritual teacher, a therapist or even a psychic reading) can be incredibly healing, and can often resolve issues of health, difficult relationships and reinvigorate life with a a sense of passion hand purpose that so many of us are MISSING in our daily experience.

After all… if you truly realize that death is not the end, and that all of your loved ones are here with you for a reason, and that we are ALL here to learn, grow and evolve, many of the hurts, fears and phobias we live with day to day… permanently go away!

Well all know the feeling of deja-vu. That sense of knowing that you’ve been here before, and that the people in your life are part of some sort of plan, and are connected to you in a way that transcends ordinary understanding. For me, exploring my own past lives has given my current life an excitement and a sense of adventure… and a sense of understanding about my own place and purpose in THIS life, and beyond. (and if you’ve read this far… I wish the same TOO for you!)