By Danny Fredricks

I know that I’m a bit biased. As a past life intuitive and karma coach, I really believe that learning about past lives is the KEY to all spiritual health, wealth and authentic happiness.

The truth is, in my own experience, we carry karmic “baggage” around from life time to life, reliving the same traumas, making the same mistakes, fighting with the same groups of “souls” and pretty much living each lifetime like a wild, weird and wacky version of “Groundhog Day”

(the movie where Bill Murray was destined to repeat the very same 24 hours… over and over again, until he FINALLY woke up to his plight… and got it RIGHT )

The funny thing is, you don’t even really HAVE to believe in past lives to get tremendous benefits from exploring the idea, or entertaining the concept even on an abstract level.

For example, if you have a boss who yells at you, underpays you, and treats you like you are LESS than as valuable as you feel, you really have a few simple choices.

• You can be angry, upset, and feel victimized by your circumstances and lot in life. (this is what MOST people do, most of the time)

• You can feel GRATITUDE for the opportunity your boss is giving you to STOP being victimized.

• After all, by forcing you to stand UP for yourself, you have a great opportunity to reclaim your true value and worth and to evolve spiritually in a way that ONLY conflict or friction in your life can allow.

• Lastly, you can do what we call a “karmic role reversal”, where you can envision the roles being reversed in a previous life, and where YOU were the “victor” and he was the victim, and this is just a natural evolution of karma at work.

(where the slave in one life gets the opportunity to experience being the master in the next)

The funny thing is, people who use either of the second two options, and see life as an evolving and evergreen opportunity to learn, grow and transform spiritually from lifetime to lifetime, are almost ALWAYS happier, healthier and spiritually wealthier, than those who pick anger, resentment, frustration and revenge as the way to deal with challenging situations.

Seeing the UNIVERSE as a living, breathing thing of which you are a perpetual part of… and knowing that NO one circumstance or situation in your life defines you as a person, or as a spirit – is the key to finding beauty and bliss in everything, and everyone.

When you stop thinking as death as the end… and you realize that ALL of life is a lesson, suddenly the world becomes a much more wonderful place, I promise!