By Danny Fredricks

Who else would love to explore their past lives?

Have you ever considered getting a psychic reading for identifying your past lives? Maybe you’ve spent some time reading about past lives online… or have read a few books about past life memories in children, or in people who have chronic “karmic” problems in their current life? Or maybe… you’ve heard about past life regression, as it’s used to help people remember previous personalities, and problems that manifest in life time after lifetime, until such a time as they’re karmically cured?

The good news?

You don’t have to believe anything wild, wacky or weird to explore and experiment with past life memories. You can begin as a skeptic, and use very simple, very spiritually smart strategies for examining your karma, and your connection both to your present personality, and the people who are in your life today to boot.

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

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Believe it or not, as someone who makes their living doing karmic coaching with clients and readers from around the world, there are some very simple common questions that are GREAT triggers to tell if you’ve lived a past life.

For example?

1 – Have you ever had a skill, talent or ability that has come exceedingly simple to you, without having to practice as much as your peers? (think art, music, math, specific languages and other similar skills)

2 – Do you often have the experience of feeling like you’ve known a person or place VERY well… even though you’ve only met them, or visited once, or recently? (one of the many levels and layers of GENUINE deja vu is the intensity of the emotional connection one feels to either a person, or a place they’ve only recently been exposed to)

3 – Do you have certain personality quirks, or strange habits that mimic or resemble the life experience or history of a previous personality in your family history? ( a very common experience is for members of the same soul group, or spiritual family to “transmigrate” or reincarnate within the same small set of souls)

4 – Do you often have the feeling of JAMAIS vu, or the sensation of doing something you’ve done a thousand times before… and feeling like it’s brand NEW, each and every time you do? (a quality that is often overlooked and rarely discussed in spiritual circles, but for me, one of the very STRONGEST signs of spiritual maturity, and an “old soul” that there is)

5 – Do you have unusually clear or lucid dreams? Yet another strong sign of past life memories that are begging to be remembered are recurring dreams or images that take place in a hypnogogic state, in that strange spiritual space between waking and deep sleep, and where many extraordinary experiences occur. The truth is, while none of these individual signs is in of itself a sign of a past life, they are all a GREAT place to begin to explore, and of course… the more “checks” you can cross off on the list above, the more worthwhile it will be to look more deeply into WHO you REALLY are, at your karmic core. (because the chances are, you aren’t the face you see in the mirror… you are MUCH bigger, more beautiful and bolder than you can imagine!)