Nine of Coins

Alternative Names: Nine of Pentacles

Number: 72/9

Element: Earth

Astrological Association: Venus in Virgo

Key Meanings: Comfort, accomplishment, and prosperity

The Nine of Coins in Tarot stands for discipline, self-reliance, and refinement. The Nine of Coins meaning in a Tarot reading is positive. It’s about not concentrating too much on the business side of life, represented by coins in the image that are placed toward the ground. On the other hand, there is another side to life: the arts, music, and the other forms of beauty that are very much part of our lives. You have to enjoy these finer things, too.

Upright Meaning: The Nine ushers in a time of financial stability. You can feel safe in your home and proud of your achievements. At last, you can surround yourself with the material objects you love, and you may find yourself redecorating your home or tending your garden or yard. It’s time to appreciate all that you have, so leisure time beckons; treat yourself to whatever makes you happy and enjoy the fruits of your work. You will be able to focus on your own needs without feeling guilty. The Nine also brings a sense of serenity and relaxation, so the card predicts you can feel at home, and at one, with yourself.

This card often comes up in a reading to show a woman of independent means who is generous and well balanced. In this way, the Nine of Pentacles is similar to the Queen of Pentacles, although the Queen’s influence is generally greater. In work matters, the card can predict financial reward, such as a bonus, for your efforts.

Reversed Meaning: When reversed, the card can show vanity and ego at large—the urge for material wealth gets out of control, so overspending (or dealing with a loved one’s overspending) may need to be confronted. In general, the card can show financial dependence that is uncomfortable or misuse of money for selfish means.

An additional meaning is feeling that your home is somehow under threat because you are struggling with debt. Don’t struggle alone—help is at hand.

About the Deck: “Ciro Marchetti’s Tarot of Dreams” from