Nine of Diamonds

Suit Influence:

Diamonds: Money, financial matters, rewards, recognition, success, improved circumstances, energy, vitality, nerves, electricity, financial institutions and government.

Number Influence:

The Number 9 represents philosophy, metaphysics, travel, fortune, dreams, ambitions, attainment, fulfillment, accomplishment, and achievement.

How to Read the 9 of Diamonds:

The 9 of Diamonds represents extra money, usually in the form of a check.  It can indicate a refund check, a rebate check, unemployment check, bonus check, or any extra money that is not part of the normal salary.

Symbolically the 9♦ represents electrical energy, electromagnetic energy, and mental energy.  It can represent thoughts, mental images, the imagination, psychic ability, or mental attitude.

In my grandmother’s system, the 9♦ is another “wish card,” but whereas the 9♥ represents the querent’s wishes and desires, the 9♦ indicates how other people’s wishes and desires affect or influence the querent. This card surrounding the 9♦ will describe what other people desire from the querent.  The 9♦ is a card of mental attraction that can also represent  that someone else is thinking of the querent.

The 9♦ also represents “fame” or “celebrity” in the sense of attracting the attention of others. This is the card of the politician, actor, model, movie star, or writer.  When surrounded by hearts, this card can denote a successful career in the public limelight.

From and older symbolic meaning of “service to the Crown,” the 9♦  also represents civil service, or public office, and can indicate local, state or federal government.  This card can denote bureaucratic red tape when surrounded by unfavorable cards.

Card Multiples:

Two 9‘s: higher education or the travel industry.

Three 9‘s: Changes in philosophy or attitude.

Four 9‘s:  Highest level of attainment, fame and celebrity.

Card Combinations:

J♥ + 9♦ = a performing artist, an actor (can be male or female).

K♦ + 9♦ = a politician or government official.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy