Page of Coins

Alternative Names: Page of Pentacles

Number: 74/11

Element: Earth of the suit of Earth

Key Meanings: Talent shines and money news

The Page of Coins in Tarot stands for being practical, prosperous, trusting, and trustworthy, and having an effect. The Page of Pentacles meaning in a Tarot reading is about opportunity.

Upright Meaning:

As an influence: This Page reveals progress and adventure, as well as auspicious beginnings. This is a time to nurture your skills and abilities. There will be good news concerning finances, business, education, and travel. The Page of Pentacles also highlights the need for management, and in work matters, there may be an opportunity to manage people and projects. This Page often appears to show a job offer or an offer made on a property.

The card does come with an element of caution, however: There is a real need for attention to detail now and for diligence in all practical affairs, so double-check all arrangements and agreements. Also, check through your personal schedule to ensure everything you plan is realistic. The Page of Pentacles can also be a sign that it’s time to attend to finances; he comes up in readings to nudge us to do our taxes and renew outstanding insurance policies.

As a person: Hardworking and methodical, reliable and dedicated—this Page is practical and trustworthy. As a Page he is a younger person, or someone with youthful vigor. He may be starting out in the world, or in a new line of business. He may not have money now, but he has the potential to achieve great things in future, so you can believe in him and his plans; he will succeed, and he will not give up.

The card can also show a young person’s achievement and reward for his or her efforts in sport or education.

Reversed Meaning: When the Page of Pentacles is reversed, there may be unwelcome news regarding finances or property. Unlike the responsible upright Page, the card in this position means extravagance and irresponsibility rule. You may suffer due to someone else’s selfish actions. This may apply to young people you live with or to friends with immature tendencies.

The card can also apply to a person with a sense of entitlement who helps himself to what is yours; while this is not necessarily theft, it is underhanded. Observe and take note for future reference.

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