Page of Wands

Number: 32/11

Element: Earth of the suit of Fire

Key Meanings: Good news and communication

The Page of Wands in Tarot stands for being creative, enthusiastic, confident, and courageous. This card also considers spiritual concepts. Depending on the accompanying cards, at times the Page of Wands may further imply that the entire situation is immersed in the spirit of excitement and adventure. Again, depending on the circumstances, the Page of Wands can also suggest a presence of a young-at-heart adult or a child with whom you would interact. Such interactions may involve independence, high energy, risky behavior, or shared enthusiasm.

Upright Meaning:

As an influence: The Page of Wands in a reading brings good news about projects and any situation that requires negotiation. Messages, urgent emails, and phone calls keep you busy and may be demanding, but cool the fire a little and take a measured view before you react and assess just how much work you need to do. The atmosphere overall, however, is one of trust, and you can rely upon information you receive. Pages, with their youth, suggest young, or new, situations, from relationships to work.

The Page of Wands can bring a creative enterprise or job offer—and, while the status of the job may not be as high as you might expect, the overall package may appeal, at least in theory. Do, however, check the details and practicalities before you agree to anything.

As a person: A talkative, entertaining individual, the Page of Wands often turns up in reading to denote a writer. His wand is his pen, his way to express himself in the world at large. Equally, he may be a marketing executive, salesperson, actor, or team manager—any role that relies on personality and great communication skills. This Page is a hard worker, dedicated and enthusiastic, and charming company. He can influence others—just be aware that he can get bored easily and move on to whatever attracts him next (so if you see him as a potential lover, note his actions as well as his words). An additional interpretation of the Page is a reunion with a friend or old colleague with whom you will enjoy chatting and reminiscing.

Reversed Meaning: When reversed, the Page of Wands brings delays. Emails and other messages go astray and communication gets complicated. As a person, the Page reversed talks much like his upright counterpart, but the theme of the conversation is negative and rather relentless. As the upright Page holds fast to his goals, so the reversed Page won’t let a morose subject drop. The card can also show stubbornness and an inability to listen to others’ opinions.

This Page is fickle and does not follow through what he initiates. Eventually, his enthusiasm or obsessions burn out, he becomes easily bored or distracted, and he leaves you to deal with any fallout.

An additional meaning is problems with literacy and can apply to a child or young person struggling with written communication or speech.

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