Seven of Clubs

Suit Influence:

The Suit of Clubs symbolizes business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, and progress through effort.

Number Influence:

The Number 7 is often considered a lucky or magical number. It represents spiritual attainment, positive changes, perfection, rest, surprises, chances, destiny, turning points, and healing. When negatively aspected, the Number 7 can denote mystery, illusions, delusions, deception and trouble.

How to Read the 7 of Clubs:

In general, the 7 of Clubs denotes increased activity or changes in business or social situations. Specifically, the 7 of Clubs is a “work” card, but it doesn’t refer only to one’s job.  The 7 of Clubs represents any kind of physical or mental effort including yard work, housework, home repairs, or even fixing the car. It also represents careful planning, and attention to detail. This card can indicate carefully evaluating an issue or situation before making a decision or taking action.

The 7♣ indicates keeping busy, and it warns of possible a work overload, and the need for rest and relaxation. This card can denote a preoccupation with work, and it is the card of the workaholic. When surrounded by Spades, the 7♣ can take on some of the older, more unfavorable meanings such as a disagreement, an argument, or feelings of restlessness and discomfort.  The  7♣ can also indicate taking on too much. It can denote making the best of a difficult situation.

Card Multiples:

Two 7s: signify life changes. With the 7 of Spades it can be a change for the worse. Two red 7s indicate health and happiness.

Three 7s: indicate emotional or spiritual growth.

Four 7s: denote a spiritual awakening.

Suggested Card Combination:

Face Card + 7♣ = someone preoccupied with work.

7 ♣ + 2♠ = an argument and a rift or break up.

4♣ + 7♣ = working on a car.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy