Eight of Clubs

Suit Influence:

The Suit of Clubs symbolizes business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, and progress through effort.

Number Influence:

The Number 8 represents power, prestige, harmony, balance, reciprocation, health, thoughts and time.

How to Read the 8 of Clubs:

The 8 of Clubs represents one’s day-to-day activity or  daily routine.  It indicates how one makes practical use of their time.  When surrounded by unfavorable cards, the 8 of Clubs can represent boredom, or  being “stuck in a rut.”

Most people spend the greater part of their days working, so the 8♣ is also the “work” card.  It can represent a job, or what one does for a living. The cards surrounding the 8♣ will describe the job, and identify the influences currently affecting the work situation.  The 8♣ can also denote “working something through,” or “working something out.”

The 8♣ is also the card of business or social and sharing and reciprocation.  Hence, it is another card that can indicate conversations and discussions.  The 8♣  can indicate talking things out, or talking something over.  This card can denote that plans and projects are still in the “talking stages,” and that no action has been taken yet.  The 8♣ can also symbolize a meeting, conference, seminar, symposium, forum,  round-table discussion, etc.

Card Multiples:

Two 8s: Pleasure, having a good time.  Can indicate “music” from the symbolism of 88 keys on a piano.

Three 8s: Major change or a shift in power.

Four 8s: Weighing the pros and cons of a situation

Card Combinations:

8♣ + 3♠ = Boredom or feeling “stuck in a rut.”  Can also refer to someone who is all talk and no action.

8♣ + 2♠ = A change of jobs

8♣ + 6♣ = A job interview, or job presentation.

8♣ + 3♥ = Job growth or a small promotion.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy