Nine of Clubs

Suit Influence:

The Suit of Clubs symbolizes business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, and progress through effort.

Number Influence:

The Number 9 represents philosophy, metaphysics, travel, fortune, dreams, ambitions, attainment, fulfillment, accomplishment, and achievement.

How to Read the 9 of Clubs:

The 9 of Clubs is traditionally a card of luck, travel and achievement.  The 9 of Clubs denotes luck in business.  It can represent a lucrative business opportunity, a lucky break, or a successful career move.

The 9♣ is specifically a card of time and space.  The 9♣ can represent distance, or someone or something far away.  The 9♣  can also indicate a long duration.  It can denote something “long-lasting” such as a job or relationship.  Surrounded by Spades this card can denote postponements and long delays.

The 9♣ is also a card of travel– from the notions of time and distance.  This card can represent a journey for business or for pleasure.  The 9♣ can also represent an emotional,  psychological or spiritual  journey; or quest for self.

Card Multiples:

Two 9‘s: higher education or the travel industry.

Three 9‘s: Changes in philosophy or attitude.

Four 9‘s:  Highest level of attainment, fame and celebrity.

Card Combinations with the 9 of Clubs:

Face Card + 9♣ = Person going on a journey.

9♣ + Face Card = Person at a distance.

A♣ + 9♣ = A passport.

4♣ + 9♣ = A long distance phone call.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy