Ten of Clubs

Suit of Clubs:

The Suit of Clubs symbolizes business, work, social activity, practical matters, teaching, learning, and progress through effort.

Number Influence:

The number 10symbolizes completion of the current cycle, endings and new beginnings, reaching the pinnacle, and excesses.

How to Read the 10 of Clubs:

Traditionally the 10 of Clubs is a card of ambition. achievement, and success  in business and material affairs.

The 10 of Clubs is the card of business and career.  It can represent a specific business, or it can denote the idea of “business” or “commerce” in a general sense.

The 10♣ is also a card of movement and travel.  It can refer to a journey, or more specifically a business trip.  This card can also indicate a business move,  such as a major transaction, a business gamble, or an actual change of business ownership or  location.

An older symbolic meaning for this card was “a body of water.”  When the 10♣ denotes a trip, it is usually over or by the  water.  The  10♣ can represent a  reservoir of water in any and all forms such as a water pipe, a swimming pool, a washing machine, or even the kitchen sink.

Card Multiples:

Two 10′s: Travel out of state or out of the province.

Three 10′s: Travel out of the country.

Four 10′s: World Travel

Suggested Card Combinations:

10♣ + Face Card:  Represents a person who is “business minded,” and probably runs their own business, or a business executive with upward mobility.

Face Card + 10♣ = a person about to embark on a journey.

5♥ + 10♣ =  a dress shop or clothing store.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy