Seven of Diamonds

Suit Influence:

The Suit of Diamonds represents money, rewards, improvement, energy, electricity, intelligence and government service.

Number Influence:

The Number 7 is often considered a lucky or magical number. It represents spiritual attainment, positive changes, perfection, rest, surprises, chances, turning points, destiny, and healing. When negatively aspected, the Number 7 can denote mystery, illusions, delusions, deception and trouble.

How to Read the 7 of Diamonds:

The 7 of Diamonds is traditionally a card of financial achievement, rewards and recognition.  Based on the more unfavorable symbolic meanings of the number 7, this card can also indicate financial challenges and feelings of stress over money.

The 7♦ is the card of success and achievement, and denotes being rewarded or recognized for your efforts.  This is also a money card, and can indicate improved financial prospects, and an increase in income such as a raise in pay on your regular job, or a significant sum of unearned cash.  The 7♦ can also denote “lucky money,” and can represent gambling wins, or losses (if surrounded by spades).

The 7♦ indicates “wise investments.” This card represents a person’s liquid assets, and the surrounding cards will describe the current financial state, and any actions to be taken with the money in the way of investments, or large purchases such as a car or home.  Once the money is invested, it is usually represented by the 10♦.

Card Combinations and Multiples:

Two 7s: signify life changes. With the 7 of Spades it can be a change for the worse. Two red 7s indicate health and happiness.

Three 7s: indicate emotional or spiritual growth.

Four 7s: denote a spiritual awakening.

Suggested Card Combinations:

7♦ +  4♦  = a stock portfolio or investment account.

7♦ + 6♠ = purchasing a car

7♦ + 3♠ = a gambling loss or being swindled

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy