The Star

Alternative Names: Hope, The Stars

Number: 17

Astrological Sign or Planet: Aquarius the Water Carrier

Element: Air

Key Meanings: Hope, guidance, inspiration, and creativity

The Star card in Tarot symbolizes the future, clarity of vision, and spiritual insight. The basic symbols of this card are seven or eight stars, a pool of water, a kneeling woman (one foot in the water, the other on land), and two urns.

Upright Meaning: The Star is a universal symbol of hope. Its appearance can signal the end of the travails represented by some of the earlier cards, symbolizing that a new and happier phase of life is coming into being. We see shooting stars as harbingers of good luck. From earliest times humans have been awed and fascinated by the star-spangled sky, the constellations, and the apparent motion of the bowl of the heavens.

The Star in a reading is like looking up at the bright starry sky on a clear night and seeing all the magnificence of the universe. It stimulates us to ponder the great potential of each and every human being for growth, inspiration, intuition, inner wisdom, and happiness.

Although The Star does not usually point to any specific planetary transit, as do some of the other Major Arcana cards, it does have a strong connection to astrology in general, for the zodiac signs relate to constellations. When The Star appears in a reading, it is a good time to have your horoscope read or to begin studying astrology yourself. A gate has opened for you to new possibilities. This card portends good fortune, creative inspiration, spiritual growth, help from unseen forces, and wishes come true. It marks a time of fulfillment.

Reversed Meaning: In the reversed position, the Star can show giving up too easily in your projects and experiencing a creative block. You may be too attached to a fantasy scenario—after all, starlight is bewitching—while overlooking the details. Alternatively, you may feel lulled into a false sense of security in a venture that has no foundation and little chance of success. An additional meaning is feeling alone just now, without the support you need.

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