By Danny Fredricks

Who else loves the idea of becoming psychic? What if I were to tell you that you already WERE psychic… and that much of what we consider to be extra-ordinary abilities are actually hardwired into your body, and biology… at this very minute?

The truth is, in my own journey from skeptic and cynic to true blue believer, I’ve had a lot of amazing and extraordinary experiences I once would have considered impossible. What changed my mind was actually quite simple… opening myself UP to the sort of experiences that I once laughed at when others described them, and then trying them for MYSELF and getting my own personal proof they were real.

Now, over the last decade I’ve had countless different cool clairvoyant, creative and downright paranormal experiences that would take far too long to list here. I can however, share with you the sorts of simple strategies I used to tap into my own psychic development potential, which has allowed me to enter a whole new wide world of wonderful realities, and has forever made what I believed possible FAR more expansive as a result.

Tip #1 (and probably the most important place to start)

Mediation is the critical cornerstone of all psychic development techniques. Opening up your “inner eye” is the most powerful piece of the puzzle when it comes to allowing your intuition to expand, and your ability to perceive subtle, nuanced energies (and events) in the atmosphere… that our conscious minds ordinarily filter out.

The truth is, pure consciousness, or the idea of information being ALIVE in the environment is a really important piece of intuition… and everyone has that within them, right now… no special gifts, OTHER than being willing to quiet your mind are required.

Once you stop looking at psychic abilities as being some sort of paranormal gift… and start looking at them as fundamental (an even “normal”) parts of the fabric of reality, being able to tune in to information in the environment becomes second nature, rather than a carnival act or caricature of clairvoyance we see on TV.

Tip #2: Practice!

There are lots of cool techniques that can help you become more aware of your psychic abilities. find a few that are fun for YOU, and do them. For example – mirror gazing (something that has been done in various forms for thousands of years… and where the “crystal ball” sort of stereotypes originated) can be a great way to have spiritual experiences that are exciting, inspiring, illuminating and a lot of fun as well. It can also help you see auras… first in yourself, and then as you go out into the world thereafter, in others as well.

Tip #3: Find a spiritual “Sangha”

Or a community of clairvoyants, intuitive professionals, empathic workers, mediums and psychic readers who you can watch, interact with and learn from yourself. There is NO better way to develop[ your psychic abilities than to get involved with those who have skills you respect and admire, and I can truly say that after 200 readings (at last count) personally, I’ve learned as much about becoming psychic myself from those experiences, as I learned about my own life, from being read.

And remember, there are lots of great local places to find spiritual and psychic communities as well – from meet ups, to psychic organizations, or spiritist Churches, to even loose groups of people who like to get together and EXPLORE the magic and the mystery of the universe together as well!