By Anna Houck

What if I could promise you that you had a soulmate and spiritual partner? Would you believe me? Or are you so frustrated at this point, that you believe that you are perpetually destined to be unlucky in love?

What if I were to tell you that there is an intuitive awareness within you… right NOW, that already knows who this perfect person for YOU already is?

After a decade of doing relationship readings and publishing hundreds of articles that have been read by hundreds of thousands of women, I can honestly tell you that there is ONE universal challenge that each and every one of us will face.

Embracing the idea that the WHOLE purpose of life is to love unconditionally. To find love. And to give love. The notion that we are designed to be dis-satisfied with our relationships is a byproduct of making bad choices. (And I’ve made plenty of my own in the past… so I’m not saying that to judge, but rather, through an awakened awareness that helped ME find my own).

The key to finding your soulmate is actually quite simple.

It begins with being silly enough to believe that fairytales exist. Because they do. Years ago, when I first started studying psychic abilities, intuition and spirituality, I discovered this amazing concept in Kabbalah of what is called the “Nefesh”, or the idea that each of us is separated, before we are born, in the world that precedes this life, into several souls.

Our entire task in this life is to become reunited with that special soul. Sort of an adventure in re-discovering the other piece of ourselves, which in fact, in many ways… your soulmate truly is.

A few years ago, at large spiritual conference, I had the opportunity to interview 20 women who had survived a near death experience. (Where after a terrible accident or event, they went into the light, met deceased relatives, had a life review, etc and were clinically dead for a period of time).

Each and every one of these women had a slightly different experience. But the ONE common quality of each was the idea that we are HERE to love. And that this is the only reason to live our lives… to learn the feeling of being in love, and to love others unconditionally.

What was really sort of interesting was, out of these 20 women, almost 70% of them had gotten divorced after their Near Death Experience.

As a matter this is a very little known, under-reported by VERY common after affect of these experiences for everyone.


Because people come back from spiritual experiences BELIEVING, often for the very first time, in true love. And that there is a specific soul or spiritual partner in the world that is waiting for them. (And based on what they saw on the other side… the person they already are WITH is NOT that person).

I challenge you NOT to make that mistake. Not to waste precious years settling for something smaller than you deserve. True LOVE is out there… and simply opening up to finding it is step #1: Asking the universe for help and guidance is step #2. Allowing your own inner intuition and heart and spirit centered (rather than head centered)actions is the third step. Let your intuition guide you. Take chances. Look at finding your own love as a great adventure… and embrace it, because it is.

And once you find it, you’ll thank me, and want to share the same with others, I promise!