By Janet Moon

The planets are constantly moving, and astrology cycles on a positive – negative rhythm. If the planets are “bad” today, be patient. They will move to a better place in time, and visa versa. Back in April and May, life was difficult under the Uranus-Pluto square. Then, in June and July opportunities were plentiful with the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune grand trine. And now comes August, and its time to get back to the routine of life. Little challenges will be popping-up throughout the month, and there will be a couple of big problems as Jupiter moves to oppose Pluto then square Uranus around mid-month. We will get back into our grooves and spiritual tests this month, and the Leo Sun will remind us to take a break and enjoy life when we can.

We may be feeling a bit restless as August begins, but when the weekend begins on August 2nd, our expressions will improve. The whole weekend could be very exciting with the Sun and Uranus dancing in the heavens. It will be a great weekend for family and home under the Cancer Moon, so throw a last minute party. It will be a great success.

Schemes, cons, and manipulation in general will be probable as the week of August 5th begins. The Leo New Moon on Tuesday may increase our confidence and gullibility as we approach the end of Ramadan. Jupiter and Pluto will be at a standoff through Thursday, August 8th. It would be best to avoid arguments and think twice about any offers through the end of the week. Failure is likely.

We will be entering the Perseids meteor shower as the weekend of August 9th begins. The showers should be winding up just as the Moon sets, so its going to be a great year for viewing the show. Keep your eyes peeled for falling stars, and your wish may just come true. Saturday will be a great day for spiritual healing, but some may also be a bit stubborn, especially on Sunday.

Get ready for a “Blue Monday,” as the week of August 12th begins. There will be no major aspects among any of the planets and the Moon will be void of course the first half of the day. There will be nothing to motivate us — positive or negative. After the Moon enters Scorpio on Monday afternoon/evening, our passions will return. We may be ready to take a deeper look at things through Tuesday, and our social life could get very exciting through mid-week. The moon will be in optimistic Sagittarius as the week ends, so it will be an excellent time for travel and meetings.

Venus will enter her home sign of Libra, and the Moon will enter hard-working Capricorn as the weekend of August 16th begins. It will be a great weekend for beautifying anything in our lives. Venus will stimulate our eye for elegance, and the Capricorn Moon will give us the determination to make it happen. The only problem will be two slow outer planets, Jupiter and Uranus, at odds with one another. Be careful where you focus your energy, or you may find yourself chasing the fluffy pink bunny down the rabbit hole. (In other words, some ideas will be very unrealistic. Take the time to think before you act.)

Jupiter and Uranus will still be fighting as the week of August 19th begins, and some will be zealous in their pursuit of unattainable targets (“Much Ado About Nothing”). The Moon will be in Aquarius stimulating the rebel in many, and Venus will be tickling Neptune enticing us to sing and dance. We will probably find we are most productive on Monday, if we work alone. Things could be even more crazy on Tuesday, August 20, under the Full Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter and Uranus will be hitting the climax of their argument on Wednesday, August 21st, so the unrealistic behavior will continue through mid-week. There could also be unexpected issues to deal with, so try to keep your schedule light through Thursday, August 22nd.

The Sun and Mercury will join hands as they cross into Virgo as our weekend of August 23rd begins. They will then move in to confront Neptune, while Venus argues with Pluto. We may not be thinking realistically, and we could easily misjudge someone. Gossip could also increase, and there could be some interesting chatter on the social networks throughout the weekend. Some of us may find ourselves attracted to our addictions. Be sure to practice moderation in all aspects of your life.

Many will be feeling sensitive and possibly impulsive as the week of August 26th begins with Venus making a T-square to Jupiter and Uranus. There could be personal upsets, and moods could be swinging quickly. If we can control our moods, our judgments will be surprisingly sound during this time. Our feelings should begin to stabilize by Wednesday, August 28th under the fourth quarter Moon in Gemini. Logic will begin to outweigh emotion for most. We may find it a little difficult to stay focused on Thursday, August 29th, but the rest of the month will be smooth sailing. We should find that our work goes successfully, and travel will go well throughout the weekend. It will be a great weekend to make a few changes, especially at home.

September looks like it could be another month of uneventful ups and downs, but there will also be an undertone of moral integrity and self-discipline as we approach the Fall season. Check back next month to find out more.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and astrologer. You can visit her web site for more articles about upcoming events in astrology, and to read her daily astrology general tendencies forecast. (This article can be reprinted freely online, as long as the entire article and this bio are included.)