By Danny Fredricks

Who else is thinking about seeking out astrological advice? Are you curious what your future holds? Maybe you have a big decision to make and aren’t sure where to turn? Maybe you have a health issue to address and simply want a supplemental opinion, perspective or alternative point of view? Maybe you are wondering whether “HE” is going to call… or whether you are about to get that big raise you KNOW you deserve?

The truth is, there are many, many unique reasons why people all over the world consult with astrologers and have their horoscopes read, and regardless of whether you are a believer or not, it can be a fun, inspiring, illuminating, informative and entertaining experience for all.

That said, there IS an underbelly of psychic scams and fake astrologers practicing in the world, and this can not only make for a bad experience, it can give the whole industry a black eye to boot.

As a professional publisher in the paranormal arena who has had just about EVERY type of psychic experience and spiritual reading under the sun over the last decade, I want to share a few simple signs that you can use to STOP a fake reading in it’s tracks. (and run the other way when you see it happening as well)

1. Any astrologer, psychic, or medium who purports to be able to heal a disease, or cure a health related issue… ESPECIALLY at a large cost, should be avoided at all costs. And while I do believe there is a fair amount of evidence for all sorts of alternative healing modalities of all types, I would not seek out this sort of help from someone who is NOT highly recommended by the alternative medical community (in other words… there is a big difference between an alternative wellness practitioner that is recommended by your regular MD, or other people you trust, versus someone you find on your own, who makes a big promise without the evidence, or documentation to back up their claims).

2. Avoid hexes, curses and spell providers as well. Why? They aren’t real, in my experience… and for the most part, this is well outside of the astrological, or psychic advice space as well. You almost NEVER ever hear of someone having a bad experience with a conventional psychic or astrologer, yet when it comes to “spell caster”, my experience has been overwhelmingly negative.

3. Any astrologer who guarantees they can change the future, or has some sort of promise that he or she is 99% accurate. (or any crazy high statistic) The truth is, readings are a combination of hot and cold, energy and intuition and even with amazing readers, hit or miss. Anyone who has all of the answers, all of the time… is someone who I wouldn’t trust myself, or recommend to MY readers like yourself, as well.

The good news?

The vast majority of astrologers and spiritual advisors are REAL people with genuine gifts and a lot of empathy, and insight to share. Find one who resonates with YOUR energy and emotions, and like tens of thousands of my readers can attest, your life will feel a lot more clear as well!