By Danny Fredricks

Most people think that communicating with a spirit is difficult. Or that you have to be born a medium or be especially gifted to have a genuine experience with those on the other side.

The truth couldn’t be more different.

FACT: The vast majority of all people who have experiences with loved ones you have passed on… do so COMPLETELY “out of the blue”.

They aren’t mediums. They don’t consider themselves psychic or special. They don’t practice any advanced spiritual techniques. They simply were living their lives when an ordinary moment became suddenly extraordinary.

Believe it or not, you can even be 100% atheistic and still have experiences that radically challenge your world view and what you believe about life, death and the meaning of life overall.

For example – many people who have near death experiences come “back” with a radically different world view.

They may have started out very religious… and very dogmatic about what they believed, only to discover “on the other side” there is NO separation between people of different faiths. There is love, and light and ONE spiritual truth that connects us all.

Or, they may have been NOT religious at all, or even totally disgusted with the idea of spirituality before they had the experience. Most often, they come back with a brand new view of themselves, and of life, and of what happens to our spirit – or true self, after death.

I have been working with the energy of people in spirit for close to 20 years now… both personally, and professionally as a writer, researcher and explorer of psychic and spiritual phenomena, and I can tell you that EVERYBODY reading this right now, has the ability to access information, and insight, and ultimately… INSPIRATION from the other side, as soon as you’re serious about doing it.

The easiest way to communicate with your dead loved ones in a few simple steps?

Very simple.

1 – Start with setting the intention. Verbalize it. Ask for it. Understand that like all communication, you can’t simply expect it to be a one way thing. You’ve got to initiate a conversation sometimes in real life, and the same is true with those with those who are no longer here.

2 – Change the CHANNEL. The truth is, we all tune in to a very specific frequency, and only allow in a certain amount of information, for the VAST majority of time we are alive and awake and absorbing the universe around us.

We truly only access a fraction of a fraction of the information that is alive in the universe at any given time… and you can TEST that right now, simply by allowing yourself to become aware of all of the things that are happening in the world around you, that you AREN’T paying attention to, until you actively “change the channel”. If you are sitting in a room in your house, for example… outside of your window there is a whole world of stuff happening that you probably aren’t noticing, simply because your attention isn’t fixed in the direction.

By allowing more of that to come into your active awareness, you slowly begin to notice a lot more “information” and energy that is alive in the environment… and this is the very same basic premise as accessing spiritual information that we ordinarily aren’t aware of as well. (it may sound complicated – but it’s super simple once you try it, and apply it, and can provide a wonderful window into the world that awaits as well!)

3 – Find a spiritual sangha, or a community of people who share your passion for extraordinary experiences. There are psychics, mediums, spiritual life coaches and people of all kinds who are available in meet ups, community groups, spiritist churches and organizations and professionally by phone, email and face to face support.

Having access to a spiritual sangha or a group of like-minded people to help you connect with spirit for the very first time can be an invaluable resource… and in my belief system, a good medium is a GREAT mentor for getting first hand evidence that we don’t die… and that our loved ones continue to live ON as well!

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