Four of Diamonds

Suit Influence:

Diamonds: Money, financial matters, rewards, recognition, success, improved circumstances, energy, vitality, nerves, electricity, financial institutions and government.

  Number Influence:

The Number 4: Stability, foundation, solidity, concrete, tangible, buildings, architecture, 4 walls, 4 tires, squaring off, being squared away, fair and square, square deal, etc.

Specific Meanings:

The Suit of Diamonds coupled with the stability and “squareness” of the number 4represents a strong or stable financial foundation (or the lack thereof when surrounded by unfavorable cards). From this union are also derived some very interesting interpretations such as a cash register, cash drawer, desk, banknote, check, bank account, check book, safety deposit box, lottery ticket, license, certificate, jewelry box, etc. In a more abstract sense, the 4 of Diamonds might indicate a solid financial deal, or just working toward financial stability.

Also from the combination of financial interests with 4 walls symbolism, the 4♦ can represent rent or a rented piece of property such as an apartment or summer home.

The 4♦ represents a stable financial situation.  For example, if it falls with the 3♣, the business opportunity will be financially stable. Specifically, the 4♦ can indicate financial papers. This can be anything from a dollar bill to a real estate license. It can represent a ticket that is purchased or paid for, including traffic ticket, movie ticket, lottery ticket, etc.

Often the 4♦ will indicate a bank account or checking account, and will fall with spades when the seeker is about to make a large purchase (spades indicate “loss” or “spent” money).

Card Multiples:

Two 4′s: a solid foundation.

Three 4′s: Fours indicate square things such as tables and rooms, etc. Three 4s can indicate places of amusement such as a restaurant or theater.

Four 4′s: Conferences, stadiums, arenas, and other large gatherings.

Suggested Card Combination:

A♥ + 4♦ = a home office, or rental home.

A♣ + 4♦ = a bank, or signing bank documents.

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy