Queen of Wands

Number: 34/13

Element: Water of the suit of Fire

Astrological Associations: Pisces and Aries

Key Meanings: Creativity and focus

The Queen of Wands in Tarot stands for being attractive, wholehearted, energetic, cheerful, and self-assured. Her personality is a combination of the positive fire energy of all the Wands suit, and the inward focus of a Queen. The Queen of Wands is always attractive and good-looking. She has an easygoing manner, and this and her warm smile attract a lot of friends and admirers. She tackles all tasks, no matter what, with complete dedication, and her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Upright Meaning:

As a person: This Queen is often the card of the artisan, entrepreneur, counselor, organizer, or leader—the writer, producer, marketer, or business administrator: whatever relies upon spark and communication for success. Sociable and supportive, she is intensely loyal, just like her associated sign of Aries. This self-aware Queen is also in touch with her intuition, so she makes good choices in relationships. The Queen of Wands often loves nature and animals, too.

As an influence: Ideas flourish, and you can now show others what you can do. This is no time for reticence; fire up your enthusiasm and express yourself. Reflect, also, on how you are managing your life just now, to make sure you have the time to make space for the opportunities coming your way. Overall, though, the Queen of Wands shows you will have the strength you need, and your relationships, too, are energized—romance, friendships, family ties, and professional contacts.

Reversed Meaning: You may feel controlled when the Queen of Wands reverses due to others’ pointless interference. There is a great need for organization—but disorder rules. This may be because you, or someone close, has taken on too much and cannot admit it. Consider if this is a pattern—a way of avoiding being who you are, due to fear of rejection.

As a person, the reversed Queen of Wands breaks promises. She can be envious and does not want anyone around her to shine more brightly.

About the Deck: “Ciro Marchetti’s Tarot of Dreams” from Tarot.com.