Three of Hearts

Suit Influence:

Hearts: Love, romance, happiness, peace, contentment, the emotions, family, friends, honesty, trust and goodwill.

Number Influence:

The Number 3 represents expansion, combinations, communications, creativity and growth.

How to Read the 3 of Hearts:

Traditionally the 3 of Hearts represents love, beauty, fertility, happiness and celebrations. The Suit of Hearts represent the emotions, and the number 3 signifies expansion and growth.  They come together in the  3 of Hearts to symbolize developing emotions, and a growing sense of peace and contentment.

The 3♥ represents expanding love, and happy emotions.  It can indicate the beginning of a new love relationship. It can indicate a romantic date.  When surrounded by Spades, itcan denote a love triangle.  The 3♥ represents something beautiful.  It can indicate creative talent, or artistic ability.  It can denote a creative achievement such as a piece of artwork, a poem or a musical composition.

The 3♥represents blood and  life.  It can symbolize the moment of conception, or represent a growing embryo.  The 3♥ can also represent an increase of something beautiful such as blooming flowers, a developing love affair, or a growing child. This card  can also represent a small party or family celebration.

My grandmother called the 3♥ the “Small Wishes.”  In her system, this card  represents an immediate, or short-term, wish granted.  My grandmother used a pyramid spread, and if this card appeared as part of the initial 3 cards drawn, whatever the seeker wished for would manifest unexpectedly within 3 weeks time.

The 3♥ predicts happy outcomes. Projects and plans reach a successful conclusion, and expectations are fulfilled.

From an older symbolic meaning of a church, The 3♥ can represent an interest in religion or mysticism.  The 3♥  can indicate meditation and spiritual growth.

Card Multiples:

All card multiples indicate surprises and unexpected events.

Two 3s: a church or monastery, a growing interest in spirituality. An interest in the religious side of life.

Three 3s: Awareness on a higher plane, a religious or mystical experience.

Four 3s: religious fanaticism.

Suggested Card Combinations With the 3 of Hearts:

3♥ + Face Card = a developing relationship with the person represented by the Face Card.

A♥ + 3♥ = a church, a house of worship, a religious organization, or a spiritual connection to a higher power.

J♥ + 3♥ = an artist, sculptor, painter, etc.  (can represent either sex)

Meanings furnished by The Art of Cartomancy