The mystical tarot power, its deep hidden meaning, its ever increasing beauty & analytical insight provides one with the ability of self observation. It connects one with spiritual realm, guides one to go ahead in one?s area of life & further inspires one to get the desired results. This guide line enhances one?s personal self bringing confidence and meaning to life.

Reading the tarot is difficult to those not having the full faith in the power of its divinity. There has been many a situations when the cards go a little vague in attending to a person?s query, but this is where the mysticism of the pack comes to the fore. It is not so much of one level reading but involves layers of analytical thoughts that travel as a divine power from the reader to the seeker.

However, reading the tarot is not only one issue to be focused on but there are other aspects that require equal attention. Shuffling the deck, spreading of the cards, sequential picking up and laying them out must be systematically attended to for accurate results. Or we can say it?s a rare amalgamation of art, science, psychology and spiritualism. It is an art which blends the numerous techniques. This article enables the readers to comprehend Tarot Reading along with advice based on Astrology, numerology and Mantrism.

Tarot came were introduced first as the playing cards & later made a switch for divination & as a fortune telling tool. There are several decks available in the market, Rider Wait?s deck is the most popular one and widely used all over. The cards were designed by Pamela Coleman Smith with a clear vision. They have enjoyed universal acclaim since their first publication by Rider in 1910. This pack has 22 Major Arcana cards relating the important events of life & 56 Minor Arcana cards relating the day to day affairs, while being read both the cards come together to give a special insight.

Major Arcana cards

Major arcana consist of 22 cards which start with The Fool and end with The World, which enables the individual to view the various stages of life.

0- The fool
1- The Magician
2- High Priestess
3- The Emperor
4- The Empress
5- Hierophant
6- The Lovers
7- The chariot
8- Strength
9- The Hermit
10- Wheel of Fortune
11- Justice
12- The Hanged Man
13- Death
14- Temperance
15- Devil
16- Tower
17- Star
18- Moon
19- Sun
20- Judgement
21- The World

Minor Arcana Cards

Minor Arcana are a set of 56 Cards called the court cards. These have 4 suits of 14 cards each. These are called cups, wands, swords and pentacles, representing the four elements- water, air, fire and earth. Every suit is comprising of a king, a queen, a knight and a page. The other 10 cards of each suit represent the numbers from 1 to 10. The Cups are associated with our emotions as they represent water element. The Wands are practical and represent fire, the swords on the contrary are aggressive and relate to the problems representing the air, while the pentacles are associated with money, finance and represent earth element.

How this deck unfolds the mysteries of our life and gives us a better insight, needs to be understood by knowing the meaning of symbols on each card. It?s a very interesting journey so we will go systematically, step by step to discover the plethora of details. It is only an attempt to introduce the readers to the fundamentals of tarot reading and utilising it to experience fulfilment, harmony and bliss in their lives.

Sanjana Mittel is an Astro and Tarot consultant at