By Danny Fredricks

What is the opposite of deja vu? What is the opposite of feeling like you’ve been here before? And what is the true spiritual secret for finding beauty, bliss and a renewed sense of gratitude in every day life… even when you feel like you are spinning your wheels, or doing the same things over and over again?

The truth is, most of us who are immersed in the world of astrology, spiritual growth, psychic phenomena an other new age topics are well versed in the karmic concept of deja vu… or the feeling of familiarity that accompanies new experiences. (e.g. – feeling like you’ve known someone before, or having had visited a place that you know is new, or any other sentimental sense of “universal knowing” that defies what your practical life experience has been thus far)

But as many of us who use our intuitive abilities to guide others to make empowering decisions in this life will tell you, the REAL secret to spiritual happiness and dharmma fulfillment is the absolute OPPOSITE of deja vu.

That experience is called Jamais Vu – and is the feeling of knowing something for the FIRST time, even if your intellect knows you’ve experienced it many times in the past.

Living your life with a feeling of jamais vu is an invigorating, and inspiring way of seeing everything you do with fresh eyes, and a sense of wonder and amazement and a child like curiosity that so many of us lose far too young.

Jamais Vu is the act of falling in love with your husband or wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover… each and every day… yet again, much the way you remember them being when you first met.

It’s the act of feeling inspired and infused with enthusiasm with your work, and allowing your creative karma to manifest with a feeling of freshness and newness, while your co-workers are mired in the sea of “been there… done that” instead.

Really, more than anything else, in my own life… jamais vu is emblematic of looking at every day truly as a gift… and a simple, yet radical way of re-imagining the familiar in a way that makes each adventure feel worthy of the excitement that often accompanies trying something interesting for the very first time.

How would YOUR life be different if you tried the above?

If you are like me, I promise… you will have uncovered something super special that not 1 in 1000 people will ever discover.

That each day is a gift. And that we are here to explore, to enjoy and to embrace each and every experience as if we were seeing it for the very first time. That is the secret to staying and feeling young, vibrant and open to what the universe wants you to see when you open your eyes in the morning. Something beautiful – and just beginning… a metaphor for each of our own unique spiritual adventures.