Rabbit people usually hate confrontations or arguments. They are normally sweet natured people that are hard to provoke with many friends. Sociable, the rabbit enjoys parties. They are also born diplomats.


RABBIT/CATS ARE: Discreet, Refined, Virtuous, Social, Tactful, Unflappable, Sensitive, Companionable, Solicitous, Ambitious, Gifted, Forgiving, Prudent, Traditional, Hospitable, Clever

BUT THEY CAN ALSO BE: Old-fashioned, Pedantic, Thin-skinned, Devious, Aloof, Private, Dilettantish, Fainthearted, Squeamish, Hypochondriacal

The well-mannered Rabbit/Cat is diplomatic, easygoing, refined, and a devoted friend. Detached and aloof, the Rabbit/Cat flees personal upheaval and disruption. These souls excel in the fine arts, and are highly creative. Well grounded and virtuous Rabbits shun risk and emotional entanglements, choosing security, and quiet stability. Business partners extraordinaire, peaceful and contented Rabbits/Cats possesses quiet sensuality and the gift of self-preservation. Sensitive and easily hurt, the private Rabbit/Cats keeps their own council and is highly sought after for their friendship. The virtuous Rabbit/Cat needs a loving and unselfish partner. Rabbits/Cats gather strength during the breaking dawn hours they rule, between 5:00am – 7:00am.

The female rabbit is often emotional and sentimental, easily hurt by criticism. Style and personal appearance are important though and she will have a flair for decorating.

The male rabbit seldom makes a quick decision. Dignified, appearance is as important to the male rabbit as it is to the female. He is prudent with money and while slow to settle down, once he does is happy his home and family.

Career Choices

People born in the Year of the Rabbit will do well as a diplomat, politician, designer, counselor, secretary, writer, publisher, actor, therapist, doctor, and teacher. They are balanced and cautious in jobs, and their colleagues value their modesty.


Metal:  Hard-worker, ambitious, good planner, loves to help others, confident; needs to relax to avoid nervous break down.

Wood:  Gentle, kind-hearted, less ambitious, peace and naturalist lover. Develop the artistic field to lead to success.

Water:  Lack of ambition, self-contented, tends to escape from reality if matter is not according to their wishes.

Fire:  Passionate, sociable, smile always on their faces; not good planners.

Earth:  Peace loving, hard-worker, realistic and no ambition.

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: mao

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): mu (wood)

Yin Yang: yin

Auspicious Directions: east, southeast, south

Lucky Colors: red, pink, purple, blue; Avoid: dark brown, dark yellow, white

Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9; Avoid: 1, 7, 8

Lucky Flowers: snapdragon, flower of fragrant plantainlily, nerve plant

The Rabbit 2021 Forecast

from ZodiacSigns-Horoscope.com

The Rabbit ranks fourth in the Chinese zodiac cycle. The Rabbit 2021 Chinese Horoscope reveals that the 2021 Year of the Ox will not be a bad one for the Rabbit natives. The year will not be brilliant and fantastic, but it will be a good one. You have not lucky stars on your side this year; therefore, you need to be careful with your choices and decisions.

You need to be alert of the happenings in your surroundings. Lay low during this year and do not make major changes in your life because the same might backfire on you. The Chinese zodiac predictions for 2021 reveal that you will need to count on yourself this year. Do not depend on others to help you make decisions that concern your life.

You need to work extra hard to ensure that you get closer to achieving your goals in life. Pay more attention to detail and work in partnership with other people to make your dreams come true. Watch your back always when working with other people because you never know who is out there to stab you in the back.

According to the Rabbit zodiac 2021, this year, you will be stubborn than all other years, but you need to take care of the same to have a good relationship with people. As per the Rabbit Horoscope 2021, you should practice and learn to listen and to communicate well with other people this year.

Love and Relationships

As per the 2021 Rabbit love horoscope, this year will not be a colorful one when it comes to matters of romance as last year. For the singles, the luck of the Peach Blossom Star will continue from last year, and you will have the opportunity to find love before Lunar April comes. After Lunar April, the luck of the Peach Blossom Star will leave you, and you will find it difficult to find love and interact with other people.

This is a good year for you to make new friends and meet people who will help you advance your career to the next level. Ensure that your professional relationships are with people who grow with you and encourage you to do better with your career.

For those in relationships, this will be a tough year for you. You will get into fights almost all the time with your partner. You should, however, ensure that you solve your issues before they escalate to serious problems.

Finance and Career

The Chinese horoscope for the Rabbit reveals that your finances will be just fine this year. You will be in a position to sustain your family until the end of the year. The money will come in slowly, but you will be able to manage what you have. Last year was a bad year for you financially, but this year, things are looking up. You should be careful where and with whom you invest your money.

Indulge in activities that bring you money but those that you will not regret later. Your career path will not be in luck this year. The Rabbit zodiac reveals that you will have a lot of problems with your boss and your colleagues at the workplace because of your stubbornness. This year will be an opportunity for you to learn from your mistakes and grow.

Health and Lifestyle

Rabbit health horoscope for 2021 predicts that you need to be alert this year when it comes to matters of your health. You should be careful to avoid minor accidents such as cutting yourself with a knife or any other sharp object.

To avoid minor road accidents, you should not drive while drunk. Always this year, you will have to pay for a gym to take care of your weight problems. Watch and take care of your liver by not taking too much alcohol.


Your family this year will be intact like never before. Your elders will be proud of you because of all the efforts you have made towards restoring peace and harmony into the family. They will bless you abundantly.

Your children will perform well in school this year because of the peace that is at home and the full attention of their loved ones that they are getting. They will be happy to be around family because no conflict exists.

Feng Shui 2021 Predictions for Rabbit Natives

Based on the Chinese zodiac for the Rabbit, your best Luna months this year will be June and October. You should, however, be alert and careful in the Lunar months of August, November, March, and May. Your best directions this year will be South and South East. The best colors to accessorize with this year will be Green and Blue, and your lucky numbers will be 3 and 4.

Rabbit Luck Prediction 2021

  • Lucky Days: 26th, 27th, and 29th of every Chinese Lunar month
  • Lucky Flowers: Plantain Lily and Jasmine
  • Unlucky Colors: Dark Brown, White, and Dark Yellow
  • Unlucky numbers: 8, 7 and 1
  • The Unlucky directions: North West and South West


Based on the 2021 Rabbit zodiac element, this year will not be a great one for you, but as time progresses, you will be able to advance in life. You need to be careful about how you spend your money because the flow of money this year is slow.

Maintain a great relationship with your family and friends because they are always there for you. They always want the best for you no matter what is happening in your life. Take care not to put your health at risk by eating healthy and keeping fit.

The Rabbit 2021 Monthly Forecast

from SunSigns.org

Now that we’ve looked at the year as a whole, let’s look at each month. Below is each month of 2021 along with a short horoscope for the Rabbit person.

January 2021 starts the year off with you needing to work hard in your job. While it is a great idea to work with others, it’s a terrible idea to take credit for their work.

February 2021 again focuses on work, but also on your social life. In both areas, you need to focus on being honest. This will help you find success.

March 2021 focuses on your social life. One of your friends likely has ulterior motives. Watch out.

April 2021 encourages you to think before you act. This is solid advice for all areas of life, especially in regards to your health.

May 2021 focuses on your confidence. Use this to your advantage at work and in your social circle. However, don’t be cocky! This can hurt your career and relationships.

June 2021 brings you good luck in all areas of your life. Use this month to soak in this luck and find some way to relax.

July 2021 focuses on your finances. You may be tempted to gamble or spend money recklessly this month. Try to avoid this and instead save up your money.

August 2021 warns you to be more alert. Do your best to avoid travel this month. If you are going to get in an accident this year, it is most likely to happen while you are traveling.

September 2021 may bring difficulties. However, you will have your friends and loved ones to help. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

October 2021 brings you luck in your finances and family life. Your finances will be stable and your family life will be calm.

November 2021 brings in both good and bad luck. If you have any bad luck, it will come from minor health problems. Your good luck will come from spending time with your friends and loved ones.

December 2021 ends the year on a calm note. This is a great time to make your plans for the upcoming year.

NOTE!! If you are born in January or February, pay close attention to the dates below because you may not be born in the animal year stated above!

2 February 1927 – 22 January 1928: Fire Rabbit/Cat

19 February 1939 – 7 February 1940: Earth Rabbit/Cat

6 February 1951 – 26 January 1952: Metal Rabbit/Cat

25 January 1963 – 12 February 1964: Water Rabbit/Cat

11 February 1975 – 30 January 1976: Wood Rabbit/Cat

3 February 1987 – 3 March 1988: Fire Rabbit/Cat

4 March 1999 – 30 January 2000: Earth Rabbit/Cat

30 January 2011 – 6 February 2012: Metal Rabbit/Cat

22 January 2023 – 9 February 2024: Water Rabbit/Cat

8 February 2035 – 27 January 2036: Wood Rabbit/Cat

See 300 Year Calendar HERE

The Best Love Match: Sheep and Pig

Rabbit and Sheep: Both are shy and docile, they make a loving couple. They both appreciate good nature and the beauty of life. The Rabbit is able to bring out the best in the Sheep. This couple will find perfect harmony in life.

Rabbit and Pig: They are a very compatible couple. The Pig appreciates the good taste of the Rabbit. The Rabbit understands the Pig well. They will have a peaceful, harmonious life together.

Words of Caution: The Rabbit and the Rooster are highly incompatible. There is no common ground between the two for a relationship. Compared to the Rooster, the Rabbit is a pure dreamer and does not pursue hard to fulfill his or her dreams. The Rooster will practically drive the Rabbit into hiding.

Love Affairs

Rabbits are romantic, sweet, and faithful. They can make a great partner in a relationship, but sometimes they may have unrealistic expectations. Male Rabbits have a tendency to be picky. Female Rabbits can always be relied on to do their duties, but their maternal instinct may be limited.

Rabbits need partners who won’t take advantage of their giving nature. They may seem to be fickle and insecure before they find a suitable partner. But when they have found a real soul-mate, they will be attached and devoted to their partners.

Famous Rabbits

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Whitney Houston

Johnny Depp

Jet Li

Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie

Nicolas Cage

John Cleese

Quentin Tarantino

Michael Keaton

Brigitte Nielsen

Frank Sinatra


Albert Einstein

Orson Wells

Arturo Toscanini

Arthur Miller


Walt Whitman

Wilbur Wright

Andy Warhol

George C. Scott

Francis Ford Coppola

Angelica Huston


William McKinley

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