Rewards you receive from ardent effort make you happy. You like to show unusual capacity for work of worthwhile type. Building up a business of your own can be epitome of happiness for you. You like to feel you are in charge, a person of authority. Some lust for ruler-ship is here and you can be happy when you know you do control others and have their esteem. You may be an ardent worker for community improvement, giving your concern to public matters and being recognized for your value brings happiness. A family of which you can be proud is another source of joy. Opportunities to win affluence make you happy and are not lost for you seize them quickly.

Capricorn Overview

The sign of Capricorn has no graces. The native is rather like one of those royal babies of old who were neglected in the cradle by all twelve of the fairy godmothers. However, the sign is seldom found unmodified, and mush of the severity is softened by the influence of other planets.

In the pure state, the type is austere, super-critical, fault-finding and overbearing. They are dissatisfied, no matter what the recompense. They can find something to criticize in everyone else, although they view their own accomplishments as almost perfect.


Capricorn 2023 Horoscope


Your hardworking home planet Saturn is the most ambitious of the outer planets, and as 2023 begins with a harmonious union with airy Aquarius, you’ll be searching to restore a sense of balance most likely involving finances. Capricorn, your life this year is all about doing what you have to do in order to reach your goals. Playing up your unique talents and abilities will help you succeed early this year.

When Saturn moves into intuitive Pisces and your house of communication in early March, the need for security and achievement will start to affect your thought process and how you express your ideas. This transit is calling attention to your need to reflect on the way you try to get your point across, and it urges you to take action to make any necessary adjustments.

There’s a lot of debate about how the mysterious dwarf planet Pluto has been demoted in the past, but this year its influence deserves your attention! Its powerful journey through your determined sign from January to late March (and again as it retrogrades from May to mid-October, then moves direct for the rest of the year) puts you through some dramatic shifts and changes and can cause vulnerability and instability in both your personal and professional lives. In many cases, it will be up to you to take charge and make sure nothing gets too far out of control, especially if no one else steps up.


You take your relationship responsibilities very seriously, Capricorn, and as a new moon rises in mid-February in idealistic Pisces and your house of communication, you’ve got a lot of thoughts and emotions swirling around in that head of yours. While yes, this is a sensitive, forgiving energy that urges you to help keep the peace and avoid confrontation at all costs, this lunation also gives you the ability to communicate intuitively and sync up with your partner on a spiritual level and higher plane. If there’s something that needs to be addressed, you do so in the most loving and compassionate way.

Your practical earth sign might not be the most romantic, but when love goddess Venus partners with emotional water sign Cancer and your relationship zone in early May, you’re ready to ramp up your efforts. You’ll be seeking a harmonious, balanced union with bae now, and you’ll be willing to step up to the plate and (gasp!) maybe even put them first for a change. If you’ve been locked in an ongoing battle of wills lately, you’re ready to put your own needs aside and compromise, which is an amazing step in the right direction.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in fellow earth sign Taurus and your expressive house of pleasure at the end of October send you on something of an emotional roller-coaster ride. This is an excellent time to slow down and be patient when it comes to bringing up any new issues in the relationship. You’re definitely more fun and less inhibited than usual, but there are serious things looming in the background that you can’t ignore. Try not to use a shopping spree to mask what’s really going on. Spending money together is fun, but it’s sometimes just a distraction from facing what’s really going on during this lunation.


New moons mark times of potential new beginnings, and the new moon and solar eclipse in fiery Aries in mid-April fire up your security zone and send you looking for love in relatively safe places. If you have any romantic interest in a neighbor or roommate, Capricorn, this would be an excellent time to explore that further. And while you might not find the love of your life while sitting on your couch, you’ll be looking for casual, comfortable dates that don’t require a lot of effort. If you can’t have a good time cooking dinner together at home and watching a movie, you probably aren’t a perfect match.

By the time loving Venus enters kindred earth sign Virgo and your ninth house in early October, you’re a true student of love. You are laser focused on the details of what makes love work, and you can’t wait to apply what you learn in a real-life romantic scenario. You need a partner who will accompany you on your exotic journeys and wild adventures now, so a worldly Sagittarius might be your perfect match.

Sexual Mars fires up your companionship zone when it pairs up with powerful Scorpio in the middle of October, so needless to say, things could get a little intense over the coming weeks. Your confident, take-charge attitude can be somewhat intimidating now, but that’s okay because when you’re taking dating resumes, only the strong need apply. Your words and actions are very direct during this sexy pairing, but you can also put out a very mysterious vibe. If you have your eye on someone, hopefully they’re up for a little game playing.

Money & Career

With your ruling planet Saturn driving your goals and motivation, its position in Aquarius for the first two months of the year gives you a little less control but offers a whole lot more freedom to explore innovative and experimental thoughts and ideas related to your career. Networking will be very important as well, Capricorn, and you’ll want to play up your unique abilities and talents when talking business. As a strict but upwardly mobile Goat, you tend to follow rules and not want to step too far out of bounds, but this rebellious influence has you trying new things and experimenting with different options to find your greatest career-related success.

If you’re looking for a job this year, expect to see a lot of opportunities cross your path when Mars spends time with negotiator Libra and your career zone starting at the end of August. If you’re willing to take the initiative now, you can make some excellent professional contacts. You know what you deserve, but you’re also willing to compromise for the right position. Be sure to let potential employers know that you’re willing to do what it takes to make things work.

The sun shines on your serious, disciplined sign at the end of December, so celebrating your birthday might not be very high on your priority list if you still have a lot of goals and deadlines you want to reach before the EOY. Your work ethic is admirable, but putting yourself last isn’t fair. Your hard work deserves to be rewarded, and what better way to do that than by splurging on yourself? Spending some of that hard-earned cash on something you really want is a fantastic way to wrap up the year.



Zodiac Position:  Approximately 26° Sagittarius — 4° Capricorn  Seasons:  Late Fall/Early Winter (solstice)  Elements:  Fire/Earth  Qualities:  Mutable/Cardinal  Rulers:  Jupiter/Saturn  Symbols:  The Archer/The Goat  Modes:  Intuition/Sensation

Also called the Cusp of Prophecy, Caprittarius is an overlapping and admixture of the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, and the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn.  The Caprittarius can be symbolically likened to the period around sixty-three years of age in the human life and also marks the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere.  During this period most of the land lies fallow, some animals sleep sweetly in hibernation, the winds blow cold and snows fall.  The length of days slowly decreases until about December 21 (the winter solstice), when the night is longer and the day shorter than at any other time in the year.  This is the time at which druids at Stonehenge made astronomical observations and prophecies, and when fortunes were often cast.  Indeed the Caprittarius may be said to represent Prophecy.

In human development, at this juncture in life, middle age is drawing to a close and old age is about to begin.   The emerging elder must face a time when traditionally his/her usefulness to the material world has lessened.  Many continue their work, but usually at a lower energy level or by scaling back.  However, the individual’s usefulness in the spiritual sense may increase greatly, both as a mentor and inspiration to others.  A sense of mortality and physical vulnerability may strengthen spiritual understandings, make for a more realistic attitude and ultimately a kind of fearlessness towards life.  The days which comprise the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp exemplify some of the manifestations of Prophecy (using wisdom to look into the future), where the visionary, intuitive Sagittarius nature combines with the pragmatic, empirical nature of Capricorn.

THE CAPRITTARIUS PERSONALITY:  Those born on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp not only demonstrate a talent for sensing the future state of things but also take a hand in shaping them as well.  One reason that the future so often “belongs” to the determined individuals born on this cusp is that they prepare for it so thoroughly.  CAPRITTARIUS people are also great initiators of projects, able to get things moving efficiently in a remarkably short space of time.  They are not known, however, for their patience with those who fail to appreciate or endorse their plans.  Faced with a lack of cooperation, those born on this cusp are prepared to move ahead alone—decisively and with full force.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  This holds particularly true for CAPRITTARIUS—indeed, the fiery, impulsive Sagittarian side can clash with the slower, more calculating earthiness of Capricorn.  Moreover, conflicts may arise between the expansive influences of Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) and the restrictive tendencies of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn).  Intuition-sensation types, those born on this cusp can lack the lightness and sensitivity of water.

Caprittarius people are often deep, weighty individuals who recognize the power of silence.  Many born on this cusp also have the ability to utilize this power as a forceful extension of their personality.  They must be careful, however, not to alienate those with whom they live and work or cut off avenues of communication.

ADVICE FOR CAPRITTARIUS:  Learn to temper your intensity.  By understanding yourself better you will be less at the mercy of your moods.  Work on improving social relationships and continue to befriend others.  Beware of any tendencies to close yourself off.  Allow your warm and loving side full rein and keep your heart open.

CAPRITTARIUS ATTRACTIONS:  People born on this cusp are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly TAURINI (Taurus/Gemini) AND LEOVIRG (Leo/Virgo) cusps.



Zodiac Position:  Approximately 26° Capricorn — 3° Aquarius  Season:  Mid-winter  Elements:  Earth/Air  Qualities:  Cardinal/Fixed  Rulers:  Saturn/Uranus  Symbols:  The Goat/The Water Bearer  Modes:  Sensation/Thought

Also called the Cusp of Mystery and Imagination, Aquaricorn is an overlapping and admixture of the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, and the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius.  AQUARICORN can be symbolically likened to the period around seventy years of age in the human life; it arrives at the time in winter when the days are lengthening but remain cold (in the northern hemisphere).  Indeed, nights are freezing and refuge must be sought inside.  The Aquaricorn cusp may be said to represent Mystery and Imagination.  In human development, at the age of seventy, one must certainly come to terms with one’s own mortality.  Preparations must be made to make one’s remaining years comfortable, but also productive and satisfying.  Although external activities have usually slowed down considerably, ideally a corresponding increased tempo of the interior life—mental, emotional, spiritual—can manifest.  The worlds of imagination fantasy and dreams are active and some feel and act in a childlike manner.  A kind of knowing in the deepest sense, a universal wisdom, may manifest at this time.

The days which comprise the AQUARICORN Cusp exemplify some of the manifestations of Mystery and Imagination where the practical, conservative Capricorn nature clashes with unpredictable unconventional Aquarian impulses.

THE AQUARICORN PERSONALITY:  The imaginative AQUARICORN certainly does not lead a dull life.  The more flamboyant of those born on this cusp often bring their entertainment with them and are capable of providing an electric excitement wherever they are.  The source for such energy can often be found in an inner world in which Mystery and Imagination vie for supremacy.  Even the minority of those born on this cusp who appear quiet or unassuming have a vivid, active fantasy and dream life; it is also likely that they experience quite a lot of excitement in private.

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  In the cases of AQUARICORN, the earthy stability of Capricorn can be split asunder in an instant by the lightning-quick and erratic mentality of Aquarius.  Thus conflicts may arise between conservative and radical influences which stand little chance of being fully reconciled.  Sensation-thought types, those born on this cusp can sometimes lack empathic feelings and be at the mercy of their impulses.

Aquaricorns are particularly prone to unusual experiences and the enjoyment of vivid visual images.  Blessed or cursed with an active dream life, many inhabit a world when asleep that makes the waking life seem dull by comparison.  The most highly developed individuals born on this cusp may use their fertile fantasy world as the basis for creativity, whether commercial or artistic, and can translate their private images into symbols or ideas which have meaning for their friends and associates, or for the world at large.

ADVICE FOR AQUARICORNS:  You must find an outlet for your creative energy.  Communicate what you experience.  Try not to be discouraged by lack of understanding, ignorance or negative criticism.  Don’t go off the deep end but rather find those who understand and appreciate you.

AQUARICORN ATTRACTIONS:  AQUARICORNS are generally most attracted to other cusp people, particularly CANCELEO (Cancer/Leo) and SCORPITTARIUS (Scorpio/Sagittarius) cusps.

Famous Capricorns

Those with the Sun in Capricorn exude a sense of being in charge, and they usually are. They may be in pursuit of status and power, but they never compromise their integrity to get there. These are the masters of the physical realm, and widely admired for what they’re able to accomplish.

They are born with a sense of purpose, and many Capricorn children are mature beyond their years. As they get older, they seem to age in reverse, becoming childlike and retaining a youthful glow. A penchant for melancholy creates a unique filter for Capricorn humor that is known to veer toward the darkly absurd.

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December 22

A Capricorn born on December 22 has great sensitivity under a shell of pretend indifference. They are emotionally vulnerable and are sometimes shy about others seeing who they are. Attractive and charming, they are often more complicated than others realize. They are intelligent, though it may be as hard for them to accept their talents as their limitations.

You should embrace: Hard work, intensity, truth

You should avoid: Guilt, self-centeredness, a lack of healthy ego


Barbara Billingsley [Actor]

Luther Campbell [Rapper]

Steve Carlton [Baseball]

Hector Elizondo [Actor]

Maurice Gibb [Bassist]

Robin Gibb [Singer]

Lady Bird Johnson [First Lady]

Susan Powter [Fitness Guru]

Giacomo Puccini [Composer]

Gene Rayburn [Game Show Host]

Diane Sawyer [Journalist]

Lynne Thigpen [Actor]

Fred M. Wilcox [Film Director]

Paul Wolfowitz [Government]

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December 23

December 23 Capricorns have a great deal of emotional pluck. If plans fail, they simply start again. Because of their good attitude and ability to motivate others, they make excellent mentors. Although they may seem scatterbrained, they have great organizational abilities. Witty and intelligent, they are exceptionally verbal for people of their sign.

You should embrace: Details, imagination, a personal agenda

You should avoid: Stress, demoralization, indifference


Emperor Akihito [Royalty]

Tsar Alexander I [Royalty]

Chet Baker [Jazz Musician]

Adrian Belew [Guitarist]

Robert Bly [Poet]

Carla Bruni [First Lady]

Wesley Clark [Military]

Frederic Forrest [Actor]

Corey Haim [Actor]

Johnny Kidd [Musician]

Susan Lucci [Actor]

Helmut Schmidt [Head of State]

Peter W. Schramm [Activist]

Harry Shearer [Comic]

Eddie Vedder [Singer]

Dick Weber [Bowling]

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December 24

A Capricorn born on December 24 is a quixotic, changeable individual that is as much an enigma to themselves as to everyone else. They have magnetism and the potential to lead but are often confused about priorities and can end up following someone less talented than themselves. They don’t give way to the usual Capricornian obsession to follow the status quo.

You should embrace: Authority, magnanimity, decision-making

You should avoid: Irrationality, instability, self-destructive habits


Max Baer [Judge]

Mary Higgins Clark [Novelist]

John Cardinal Cody [Religion]

Ava Gardner [Actor]

Carol Haney [Dancer]

Juan Ramón Jiménez [Poet]

Lemmy [Singer]

Ricky Martin [Singer]

Ryan Seacrest [Game Show Host]

Jeff Sessions [Politician]

Mark Valley [Actor]

William Warburton [Religion]

Harry Warren [Composer]

Jonathan Zittrain [Educator]

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December 25

A Capricorn born on December 25 is drawn to life’s mysteries. New Age learning and holistic healing have special appeal for them. They are introspective people who can transcend their own emotional struggles by involving themselves in work that helps others. They can understand others’ motives and divine what even they may not realize.

You should embrace: Tranquility, desire, new beginnings

You should avoid: Indolence, lack of preparation, impossible odds


Humphrey Bogart [Actor]

Jimmy Buffett [Singer/Songwriter]

Cab Calloway [Jazz Musician]

Carlos Castaneda [Author]

Louis Chevrolet [Auto Racing]

Quentin Crisp [Actor]

Larry Csonka [Football]

Dido [Musician]

Rickey Henderson [Baseball]

Conrad Hilton [Business]

Mabel King [Actor]

Annie Lennox [Singer/Songwriter]

Oscar Lewis [Anthropologist]

Shane MacGowan [Musician]

Barbara Mandrell [Country Musician]

Alannah Myles [Singer/Songwriter]

CCH Pounder [Actor]

Noel Redding [Bassist]

Karl Rove [Government]

Pete Rugolo [Composer]

Ernst Ruska [Physicist]

Anwar Sadat [Head of State]

Hanna Schygulla [Actor]

Rod Serling [Author]

Sissy Spacek [Actor]

Ken Stabler [Football]

Adolf Windaus [Chemist]

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December 26

A Capricorn born on December 26 possesses a determined, serious nature. They can read the motives of others and are good judges of character. These ambitious, career-oriented people have a pragmatic nature yet dream large. They possess a generous soul and the desire to be part of the crowd but may be unwilling to show these aspects of their personality.

You should embrace: Inner vision, forgiveness, kindness

You should avoid: Overconfidence, repression, an authoritarian attitude


Steve Allen [Talk Show Host]

Bill Ayers [Activist]

Eli Cohen [Spy]

John Conway [Mathematician]

Kitty Dukakis [First Lady]

Carlton Fisk [Baseball]

Henry Miller [Novelist]

Phil Spector [Music Producer]

Lars Ulrich [Drummer]

John Walsh [TV Personality]

Richard Widmark [Actor]

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December 27

There’s something haughty and erudite about a December 27 Capricorn. They elevate style to an art yet are practical and down to earth. When they achieve their aims, it’s the result of hard work. Their authoritarian nature makes them good at handling others, particularly in the workplace. They are demanding and have a perfectionist streak and can, at times, seem intolerant of others’ mistakes.

You should embrace: Selectivity, romance, belief in the future

You should avoid: Foolishness, temptation, inattentiveness


John Amos [Actor]

Terry Bozzio [Drummer]

Chyna [Wrestling]

Gerard Depardieu [Actor]

Marlene Dietrich [Actor]

Bill Goldberg [Wrestling]

Mick Jones [Musician]

Johannes Kepler [Astronomer]

Salman Khan [Actor]

Pope Pius VI [Religion]

Cokie Roberts [Journalist]

Ernesto Zedillo [Head of State]

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December 28

A Capricorn born on December 28 has a style all their own. Self-possessed and intelligent, they have great social skills, including the ability to make anyone feel at home. They take pride and enjoyment in performing everyday tasks, believing it is through the minor events that character is formed and tested. They generally have a happy outlook.

You should embrace: Political correctness, sociability, terms

You should avoid: Dissemblers, carnal appetites, betrayal


Arthur Eddington [Astronomer]

Vanessa Ferlito [Actor]

James Foley [Film Director]

Nigel Kennedy [Violinist]

Gayle King [TV Personality]

Stan Lee [Cartoonist]

John Legend [Musician]

Seth Meyers [Actor]

Nichelle Nichols [Actor]

Maggie Smith [Actor]

Denzel Washington [Actor]

Woodrow Wilson [Head of State]

Edgar Winter [Musician]

Liu Xiaobo [Activist]

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December 29

A Capricorn born on December 29 has the ability to be transformed by spiritual significance, but only after experiencing a profound and transfiguring reality. Often attractive and charming, they have a devastating effect upon those who come under their spell. Unlike most Capricorns, they enjoy taking risks.

You should embrace: Belief, long-range plans, reality

You should avoid: Sacrificial love, addiction, envy


Dallas Austin [Music Producer]

Pablo Casals [Cellist]

Ted Danson [Actor]

Yvonne Elliman [Singer]

Marianne Faithfull [Singer/Songwriter]

Klaus Fuchs [Spy]

Charles Goodyear [Inventor]

Jude Law [Actor]

Mary Tyler Moore [Actor]

Mekhi Phifer [Actor]

Albert Pike [Military]

Jon Polito [Actor]

Paula Poundstone [Comic]

Jon Voight [Actor]

Andy Wachowski [Film Director]

Tookie Williams [Criminal]

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December 30

A Capricorn born on December 30 is a jovial individual who promotes the status quo. They like the good life and are willing to work long and hard to achieve it. They are focused and understand the need to make sensible sacrifices. These individuals are happiest when they have a stable family and happy home life.

You should embrace: Risk-taking, adventure, preparation

You should avoid: Preoccupation, self-indulgence, greed


Laila Ali [Boxing]

Gordon Banks [Soccer]

Joseph Bologna [Actor]

Skeeter Davis [Country Musician]

Bo Diddley [Guitarist]

William J. Fallon [Military]

Heidi Fleiss [Madam]

Sean Hannity [TV Personality]

LeBron James [Basketball]

Ben Johnson [Track and Field]

Davy Jones [Singer]

Sandy Koufax [Baseball]

Matt Lauer [Talk Show Host]

Mike Nesmith [Musician]

Barbara Nichols [Actor]

Sheryl Lee Ralph [Actor]

Del Shannon [Singer/Songwriter]

Patti Smith [Singer]

Dave Stewart [Jazz Musician]

Paul Stookey [Singer/Songwriter]

Daniel Sunjata [Actor]

Titus [Royalty]

Hideki Tojo [Head of State]

Tyrese Gibson [Model, Actor]

Tracey Ullman [Comic]

Meredith Vieira [Game Show Host]

Kim Weston [Musician]

Tiger Woods [Golf]

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December 31

A December 31 Capricorn responds to their heart, not their head. They may be impractical in the extreme, but they also paint their world in vibrant and extreme colors. A certain brilliance does not shield them from a great deal of instability. This can be a drawback to maturation, yet it also provides them with the emotional exhilaration they crave.

You should embrace: Receptiveness, fantasy, the creative muse

You should avoid: Willfulness, flattery, ego issues


Rick Aguilera [Baseball]

Elizabeth Arden [Business]

Tommy Byrne [Baseball]

Barbara Carrera [Actor]

Rosalind Cash [Actor]

Charles Cornwallis [Military]

Joe Dallesandro [Actor]

John Denver [Country Musician]

Gabby Douglas [Gymnastics]

Jaime Escalante [Educator]

Amy Jacques Garvey [Activist]

Avram Hershko [Scientist]

Anthony Hopkins [Actor]

Val Kilmer [Actor]

Ben Kingsley [Actor]

Henri Matisse [Painter]

George Gordon Meade [Military]

Bebe Neuwirth [Actor]

Odetta [Singer]

James Remar [Actor]

Donna Summer [Singer]

Andy Summers [Guitarist]

George Thorogood [Musician]

Diane von Furstenberg [Fashion Designer]

Paul Westerberg [Musician]

Simon Wiesenthal [Activist]

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January 1

Capricorns born on January 1 have an aristocratic nature regardless of background or family connections. They demonstrate good taste and know how to live well, even on limited resources. January 1 natives expect a great deal of themselves and always strive to live up to their expectations. This can be rewarding but also exhausting.

You should embrace: True happiness, your spiritual path, emotional creativity

You should avoid: Being overly sensitive, emotional isolation, anxiety


Pope Alexander VI [Religion]

Maurice Béjart [Choreographer]

Morris Chestnut [Actor]

Jon Corzine [Politician]

Xavier Cugat [Musician]

William Fox [Film/TV Producer]

Barry Goldwater [Politician]

Grandmaster Flash [Musician]

Rocky Graziano [Boxing]

Jimmy Hart [Wrestling]

J. Edgar Hoover [Government]

Milt Jackson [Jazz Musician]

Frank Langella [Actor]

Duane Martin [Actor]

Lorenzo de Medici [Government]

Don Novello [Comic]

Sophie Okonedo [Actor]

Joe Orton [Playwright]

Ron Perelman [Business]

Paul Revere [Military]

Betsy Ross [Business]

Derrick Thomas [Football]

Verne Troyer [Actor]

Huldrych Zwingli [Religion]

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January 2

January 2 Capricorns present a stern face and tend to be secretive and quiet. This persona belies their nature, which is considerably more animated and joyous. A sense of being judged by others keeps them from revealing their sensitivity to all but their closest friends. They don’t credit others for their success, but neither do they blame anyone for their failures.

You should embrace: Enthusiasm, spontaneity, a sense of humor

You should avoid: Melancholy, self-pity, being contemptuous of others


Roger Adams [Chemist]

Isaac Asimov [Author]

Jim Bakker [Religion]

Kate Bosworth [Actor]

Ian Brady [Criminal]

Rudolf Clausius [Physicist]

Taye Diggs [Actor]

Cuba Gooding, Jr. [Actor]

Oscar Micheaux [Film/TV Producer]

Roger Miller [Country Musician]

Dan Rostenkowski [Politician]

Edmund de Rothschild [Business]

James S. Tisch [Business]

Christy Turlington [Model]

Justin Winsor [Curator]

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January 3

A Capricorn born on January 3 is resourceful and able to draw good things into their life without exerting much effort. They have a streak of originality. January 3 men and women are naturally acquisitive. Material objects are important to them but only as an outward expression of how they feel about their circumstances and the world around them.

You should embrace: Openness, availability, distinction

You should avoid: Cover-up, self-indulgence, distractions


Maxene Andrews [Singer]

Richard Ben-Veniste [Attorney]

W. Michael Blumenthal [Government]

Victor Borge [Pianist]

Father Damien [Religion]

Mel Gibson [Actor]

Bobby Hull [Hockey]

John Paul Jones [Bassist]

Sergio Leone [Film Director]

Robert Loggia [Actor]

Eli Manning [Football]

George Martin [Music Producer]

Danica McKellar [Actor]

Rokusaburo Michiba [Chef]

Ray Milland [Actor]

Zazu Pitts [Actor]

Frederick K. C. Price [Religion]

Michael Schumacher [Auto Racing]

Georgina Spelvin [Pornstar]

James Steele [Journalist]

Stephen Stills [Musician]

Hank Stram [Football]

J. R. R. Tolkien [Author]

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January 4

January 4 Capricorns possess a quirky personality. They are dedicated to acts of kindness on a personal level and acts of humanity on a public level. They are not shy about expressing opinions. They have heartfelt sympathy for the unfortunate and unlucky. They feel it is their duty to draw attention to the plight of such people.

You should embrace: Freedom, precision, gratitude

You should avoid: Transgressions, irreverence, pessimism


Louis Braille [Inventor]

William R. Brody [Educator]

Cruz Bustamante [Politician]

Dyan Cannon [Actor]

William Colby [Spy]

Dave Foley [Actor]

Matt Frewer [Actor]

Doris Kearns Goodwin [Historian]

Jill Marie Jones [Actor]

Till Lindemann [Singer]

Patty Loveless [Country Musician]

Isaac Newton [Physicist]

Thomas T. Noguchi [Doctor]

Don Shula [Football]

Michael Stipe [Musician]

Vanity [Singer]

Gao Xingjian [Author]

Charlyne Yi [Comic]

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January 5

It is important for January 5 Capricorns to find ways to express their inner energy because they are so mentally focused — physicality becomes an important factor for them. They may give the impression of being disorganized because they always seem to be in a hurry and are rapid-fire conversationalists, but they are brilliant people.

You should embrace: Tenacity, friendliness, harmony

You should avoid: Boredom, pressure, complaints


Alvin Ailey [Dancer]

Steven Cojocaru [Critic]

Bradley Cooper [Actor]

Tom Davis [Politician]

deadmau5 [Electronic Musician]

Jeane Dixon [Paranormal]

Robert Duvall [Actor]

King Gillette [Inventor]

André van Hasselt [Poet]

Vinnie Jones [Soccer, Actor]

King Juan Carlos [Head of State]

Tim Kerr [Hockey]

Ted Lange [Actor]

Marilyn Manson [Singer]

Walter Mondale [Politician]

Chuck Noll [Football]

Charlie Rose [Talk Show Host]

Konstantin Stanislavsky [Actor]

Chris Stein [Guitarist]

George Tenet [Government]

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January 6

Capricorns born on January 6 are different from most Capricorn natives — they are uninhibited, socially and personally. They express their nature through action. They refuse to be bound by conventional rules, though they have a sense of decorum that lets them be rebellious in the most courteous way. Though charming, they make their own rules.

You should embrace: True love, opportunity, popularity

You should avoid: Defenses, obsessions, intrigue


Joey Adams [Comic]

Rowan Atkinson [Actor]

Syd Barrett [Musician]

Julie Chen [Game Show Host]

E. L. Doctorow [Author]

Bonnie Franklin [Actor]

Mickey Hargitay [Actor]

Victor Horta [Architect]

Joan of Arc [Religion]

John C. Lilly [Scientist]

Howie Long [Football]

Van McCoy [Musician]

Anthony Minghella [Film Director]

Tom Mix [Actor]

Sun Myung Moon [Religion]

King Richard II [Royalty]

Carl Sandburg [Author]

Earl Scruggs [Musician]

John Singleton [Film Director]

Vic Tayback [Actor]

Danny Thomas [Actor]

Alan Watts [Philosopher]

Malcolm Young [Guitarist]

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January 7

Capricorns born on January 7 have a sensitive, vulnerable quality that endears them to others. They have a strong spiritual nature as well as a social conscience. They are likely to experience a conflict between inner-life needs and external responsibilities. This has the potential to create a powerful dichotomy, requiring soul-searching and introspection.

You should embrace: Renewal, rapture, intuition

You should avoid: Transient affections, impermanence, confusion


Red Allen [Jazz Musician]

William Peter Blatty [Author]

Nicolas Cage [Actor]

Katie Couric [Talk Show Host]

Doug E. Doug [Actor]

Millard Fillmore [Head of State]

Pope Gregory XIII [Religion]

Sammo Hung [Actor]

Zora Neale Hurston [Novelist]

Chester Kallman [Poet]

Kenny Loggins [Singer/Songwriter]

Thurman Munson [Baseball]

Rand Paul [Politician]

Francis Poulenc [Composer]

Jeremy Renner [Actor]

Paul Revere [Musician]

Robert Ri’chard [Actor]

Alfonso Soriano [Baseball]

Jann Wenner [Business]

Adolph Zukor [Business]

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January 8

Capricorns born on January 8 seek to balance worldly concerns with an expression of their soul-needs. Although they strive for a pragmatic approach to life, they have a superstitious nature. They are gifted yet may be riddled with self-doubts. These problems are exacerbated by the fact that they have difficulty expressing their feelings through words.

You should embrace: Sensuality, dynamism, stamina

You should avoid: Overindulgence, greed, self-pity


Shirley Bassey [Singer]

David Bowie [Singer/Songwriter]

Hans von Bülow [Conductor]

Graham Chapman [Comic]

DJ Clue [Disc Jockey]

Frank Doubleday [Business]

Frank W. Dyson [Astronomer]

Bob Eubanks [Game Show Host]

Jason Giambi [Baseball]

Bill Graham [Business]

Stephen Hawking [Physicist]

R. Kelly [Musician]

Junichiro Koizumi [Head of State]

Robby Krieger [Guitarist]

Yvette Mimieux [Actor]

Sean Paul [DJ, Singer]

Elvis Presley [Singer]

Wolfgang Puck [Chef]

Carl Rogers [Psychologist]

Soupy Sales [Comic]

Boris Vallejo [Painter]

Xzibit [Rapper]

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January 9

Capricorns born on January 9 are complicated people who may seem to be at war with themselves. Brilliant and philosophical, they strive for perfection. Sometimes they achieve it. They are tireless workers who will sacrifice a great deal to prove their worth to others — and themselves.

You should embrace: Spiritual values, initiative, ethics

You should avoid: Hypocrisy, extravagance, dishonesty


Joan Baez [Singer/Songwriter]

Bob Denver [Actor]

Dick Enberg [Sports Journalist]

Crystal Gayle [Country Musician]

Pope Gregory XV [Religion]

Haddaway [Singer]

Judith Krantz [Novelist]

Fernando Lamas [Actor]

Dave Matthews [Musician]

Kate Middleton [Relative]

Richard M. Nixon [Head of State]

Paolo Nutini [Singer/Songwriter]

Chad Ochocinco [Football]

Jimmy Page [Guitarist]

Bart Starr [Football]

Lee Van Cleef [Actor]

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney [Business]

Iwasaki Yataro [Business]

Chic Young [Cartoonist]

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January 10

Capricorns born on January 10 have heightened perception and fiercely held likes and dislikes. They are not shy about dealing with others in a direct and honest manner. They have no secret agenda. They are proud of their forthright approach to life and may even flaunt it.

You should embrace: Good manners, peak performance, duty

You should avoid: Antagonism, pretense, misdirection


Ethan Allen [Military]

Stephen E. Ambrose [Author]

Pat Benatar [Singer]

Eddie Cheever [Auto Racing]

Shawn Colvin [Singer/Songwriter]

Jim Croce [Singer/Songwriter]

Roy E. Disney [Business]

Donald Fagen [Musician]

George Foreman [Boxing]

Teresa Graves [Actor]

Barbara Hepworth [Sculptor]

Walter Hill [Film Director]

David Horowitz [Activist]

Frank James [Criminal]

Linda Lovelace [Pornstar]

Sal Mineo [Actor]

Bobby Rahal [Auto Racing]

Max Roach [Jazz Musician]

Rod Stewart [Singer/Songwriter]

Robert Woodrow Wilson [Astronomer]

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January 11

Capricorns born on January 11 possess great personal dignity. They are lovable and can be inflexible in their religious or political philosophy. Attractive and personable, they are also brilliant — a fact they may hide if it gives them leverage. They can rise from seeming obscurity to achieve everything they desire. Their intractable determination is legend and is their most remarkable characteristic.

You should embrace: Inner strength, sharing, psychic healing

You should avoid: Patronizing attitude, coldness, aloofness


Mary J. Blige [Musician]

Tracy Caulkins [Swimmer]

Ezra Cornell [Business]

Rockmond Dunbar [Actor]

Mark Halperin [Journalist]

Albert Hofmann [Chemist]

Naomi Judd [Country Musician]

Malcolm D. Lee [Film Director]

Sir James Paget [Doctor]

Parmigiano [Painter]

Carroll Shelby [Auto Racing]

Grant Tinker [Business]

Stanley Tucci [Actor]

Joel Zwick [Film Director]

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January 12

Capricorns born on January 12 enjoy giving the impression they are more adventuresome than they are. They possess a sense of humor and the ability to transcend their limitations. Bold, imaginative, and undisciplined, they have an intellectual sophistication that few people appreciate.

You should embrace: Bravery, trust, exuberance

You should avoid: Self-delusion, riding the moral high horse, incompetence


Kirstie Alley [Actor]

Christiane Amanpour [Journalist]

Ruth Brown [Singer]

Casey Cagle [Politician]

James C. Early [Activist]

Joe Frazier [Boxing]

François Girard [Film Director]

Hermann Goering [Military]

W. H. Helmerich III [Business]

Rush Limbaugh [Radio Personality]

Jack London [Novelist]

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi [Religion]

Walter Mosley [Author]

Oliver Platt [Actor]

Raekwon [Musician]

Tex Ritter [Country Musician]

Howard Stern [Radio Personality]

Ali Wentworth [Actor]

Dominique Wilkins [Basketball]

Rob Zombie [Singer]

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January 13

Fearless, reckless, eager to meet all life’s challenges — that sums up January 13 Capricorns, who often lead a tumultuous existence. They often give the impression of being emotionally unstable, but they have the power to learn from their mistakes. They can see the funny side of even the most difficult situation.

You should embrace: Transcendence, intelligent choices, values

You should avoid: Failure, tedium, short-sightedness


Trace Adkins [Country Musician]

Horatio Alger [Author]

Orlando Bloom [Actor]

Salmon P. Chase [Politician]

Diana Lady Dougan [Diplomat]

Carolyn Heilbrun [Novelist]

William Hung [Singer]

Penelope Ann Miller [Actor]

Oskar Minkowski [Doctor]

Michael Peña [Actor]

Charles Nelson Reilly [Actor]

Robert Stack [Actor]

Rip Taylor [Comic]

Sophie Tucker [Singer]

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January 14

Capricorns born on January 14 are ambitious and are happiest when they juggle a variety of responsibilities. A sense of “if I don’t do it, it won’t get done” is prevalent, though they have a sense of humor about their obsessiveness. Scholarly and verbal, they are classy and can recognize their limitations but prefer not to acknowledge them to others.

You should embrace: An ability to apologize, good judgment, vigor

You should avoid: Acrimony, an arrogant attitude, sanctimonious behavior


Giulio Andreotti [Head of State]

Julian Bond [Activist]

T-Bone Burnett [Musician]

Isaac da Costa [Poet]

Faye Dunaway [Actor]

Takeo Fukuda [Head of State]

Alberico Gentili [Scholar]

Marjoe Gortner [Actor]

Dave Grohl [Musician]

LL Cool J [Rapper]

Vonetta McGee [Actor]

Yukio Mishima [Author]

Trevor Nunn [Theater Director]

Slick Rick [Rapper]

Hal Roach [Film/TV Producer]

Andy Rooney [Journalist]

Albert Schweitzer [Activist]

Steven Soderbergh [Film Director]

Nina Totenberg [Journalist]

Allen Toussaint [Musician]

Carl Weathers [Actor]

Guy Williams [Actor]

Zakk Wylde [Guitarist]

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January 15

Comfort is vital to Capricorns born on January 15. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, they do what they can to make the world better. They gravitate toward good feelings, good works, and good intentions. They enjoy living in the lap of luxury but never lose sight of the intangibles that make life worth living.

You should embrace: Laughter, spiritual riches, reachable goals

You should avoid: Feeling blue, secret agendas, possessiveness


Captain Beefheart [Singer]

Lloyd Bridges [Actor]

Charles L. Evans [Economist]

Vince Foster [Attorney]

Martin Luther King [Activist]

Regina King [Actor]

Lisa Lisa [Singer]

Andrea Martin [Comic]

Molière [Playwright]

John Naisbitt [Author]

James Nesbitt [Actor]

John Cardinal O’Connor [Religion]

Aristotle Onassis [Business]

Pitbull [Rapper]

Julian Sands [Actor]

Skrillex [Electronic Musician]

Kobe Tai [Pornstar]

Edward Teller [Physicist]

Mario Van Peebles [Actor]

Ronnie Van Zant [Musician]

Cole Younger [Criminal]

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January 16

Capricorns born on January 16 have psychic ability and can channel their inner energy toward facilitation of worldly goals. Although they have the temperament of a loner, they love people. They can indulge materialistic needs without losing the importance of spirituality. Something of an enigma, they have an inner intensity that fuels their actions.

You should embrace: High spirits, a joyful heart, good health

You should avoid: Escapism, irrational behavior, detachment


Aaliyah [Singer]

Debbie Allen [Dancer]

Thad Allen [Military]

Christine Brooke-Rose [Novelist]

John Carpenter [Film Director]

Dizzy Dean [Baseball]

A. J. Foyt [Auto Racing]

Francis Cardinal George [Religion]

Anthony Hecht [Poet]

Richard T. Jones [Actor]

Armin O. Leuschner [Astronomer]

Ethel Merman [Singer]

Ronnie Milsap [Country Musician]

Albert Pujols [Baseball]

Sade [Singer]

Laura Schlessinger [Radio Personality]

Susan Sontag [Author]

Gwen Verdon [Dancer]

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January 17

Capricorns born on January 17 have incredible physical and emotional endurance and grasp the correlation between mental and physical energy. They trust their intuition more than their intellect. They continually put themselves “out there” to prove their abilities are undiminished.

You should embrace: Noble motives, intensity, high ideals

You should avoid: Vanity, negativity, adulation


Muhammad Ali [Boxing]

Naveen Andrews [Actor]

Al Capone [Criminal]

Jim Carrey [Actor]

David Caruso [Actor]

Jacques Amand Deslongchamps [Paleontologist]

Tom Dooley [Activist]

Steve Earle [Singer/Songwriter]

Luis Echeverría [Head of State]

Benjamin Franklin [Diplomat]

Robert Hare [Chemist]

James Earl Jones [Actor]

Andy Kaufman [Comic]

Eartha Kitt [Singer]

Shari Lewis [Performance Artist]

Glenn L. Martin [Engineer]

Sheree North [Actor]

Harvey Perlman [Educator]

Pope Pius V [Religion]

Maury Povich [Talk Show Host]

Kid Rock [Musician]

Freddy Rodriguez [Actor]

Ryuichi Sakamoto [Pianist, Actor]

Vidal Sassoon [Hair Stylist]

Shabba Ranks [Rapper]

William Stafford [Poet]

Tiësto [DJ]

Dwyane Wade [Basketball]

Betty White [Actor]

Don Zimmer [Baseball]

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January 18

With these appealing Capricorns born on January 18, the accent is on charisma. They can charm anyone and have the potential to be manipulative. Mostly, they are forthright and honest in emotional dealings with others. They need excitement and variety, constantly craving new experiences and the chance to alter their professional and personal circumstances.

You should embrace: Loyalty, fairness, tact

You should avoid: Limitations, loneliness, struggle


Dave Attell [Comic]

Joe Bonanno [Criminal]

John Boorman [Film Director]

António Feliciano de Castilho [Poet]

Kevin Costner [Actor]

Jonathan Davis [Musician]

Bobby Goldsboro [Singer/Songwriter]

Cary Grant [Actor]

Danny Kaye [Actor]

Paul Keating [Head of State]

Takeshi Kitano [Film Director]

Jesse L. Martin [Actor]

A. A. Milne [Author]

Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu [Philosopher]

Samantha Mumba [Singer]

Yoichiro Nambu [Physicist]

DJ Quik [Rapper]

Pat Sullivan [Football]

Charlie Wilson [Politician]

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January 19

The intelligence of Capricorns born on January 19 is rooted in an awareness of their psychic understanding. They recognize the connection between conscious and unconscious thought, which come together in dreams and creativity. They can present themselves in many different guises, but their true nature may not resemble any of them.

You should embrace: Brilliance, musical ability, security

You should avoid: Excesses, instability, divine madness


Desi Arnaz, Jr. [Actor]

Martin Bashir [Journalist]

Paul Cézanne [Painter]

Auguste Comte [Sociologist]

Martha Davis [Singer]

Paula Deen [Chef]

Stefan Edberg [Tennis]

Phil Everly [Musician]

Minnesota Fats [Sports Figure]

Francis II [Royalty]

Antoine Fuqua [Film Director]

Tippi Hedren [Actor]

Shawn Johnson [Gymnastics]

Janis Joplin [Singer]

Al Joyner [Track and Field]

Robert E. Lee [Military]

Robert MacNeil [Journalist]

Robert Palmer [Singer]

Dolly Parton [Country Musician]

Edgar Allan Poe [Author]

Katey Sagal [Actor]

Junior Seau [Football]

James Watt [Inventor]

Shawn Wayans [Comic]

Fritz Weaver [Actor]

Bertram D. Wolfe [Historian]

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January 20

Aquarians born on January 20 have deeply personal visions of what their personal and professional lives are meant to be. They have a quiet determination that gets them through difficult times. They are concerned about the image they project. They make excellent role models and are deeply committed to humanitarian causes.

You should embrace: Versatility, curiosity, adventure

You should avoid: Routine, defeatism, judgmental people


Buzz Aldrin [Astronaut]

Margaret Avery [Actor]

Tom Baker [Actor]

George Burns [Comic]

Brett Butler [Comic]

Rae Carruth [Football]

Charles III [Royalty]

Stacey Dash [Actor]

James Denton [Actor]

Federico Fellini [Film Director]

Ozzie Guillen [Baseball]

Arte Johnson [Comic]

DeForest Kelley [Actor]

Lorenzo Lamas [Actor]

David Lynch [Film Director]

Bill Maher [Talk Show Host]

?uestlove [Drummer]

Cleon Skousen [Activist]

Paul Stanley [Musician]

David Tudor [Pianist]

Skeet Ulrich [Actor]

Slim Whitman [Country Musician]

Fareed Zakaria [Journalist]

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